Present and past.

The original Belle City Street Railway Co. car house was located on Main St. between 2nd St. and 3rd St., opening with the introduction of horse car service in 1883. An additional car house for storage opened in 1892 at Mead St. and 23rd St., on Racine's south side. That building still stands, southwest of that intersection.

On Racine's north side, a storage yard later opened on Goold St. near Douglas Av., originally for interurban trains. And by 1925, certain city streetcars were stored there.

In 1930, a new car house was built at the Goold St. location, replacing all the other facilities. The facility eventually became a bus garage, as streetcars were discontinued in 1940. As of 1952, the Racine Motor Coach Lines address was listed at 1510 Goold St., at that garage, on the north side of the street. The garage continued in service until Lakeshore Transit Racine discontinued operations, in 1968. The building no longer stands.

When Flash City Transit began operating Racine's buses in 1968, the owners had already been operating Racine Flash Cab Co. and a school bus operation, out of a lot at 1900 Kentucky St. In 1977, the Belle Urban System constructed the present bus garage at that location, on the west side of the street.

In 2006, the main Belle Urban System transit terminal was dedicated at the former Chicago & North Western Railroad station. Rail service was discontinued in 1971 with the creation of Amtrak, but proposals have existed for restoration of rail service. In 2010, the name Corinne Reid-Owens Transit Center was adopted. And in 2017, Belle Urban System was renamed RYDE.


Links to locations of past and present transit facilities, using Google Maps. Satellite views are also available.