In 1970, one year after Tri-Met acquired Rose City Transit serving the city of Portland, Tri-Met acquired the four companies making up the Blue Bus Lines, operating in the suburbs.

Portland Stages, Inc. - began operations in 1938, based in Gresham and served the neighboring east suburbs.

Tualatin Valley Buses, Inc. - split off from Portland Stages, Inc. in 1953, operating routes previously created in Beaverton and west suburbs.

Estacada-Molalla Stages, Inc. - began operations in 1941 between those two towns, via Oregon City.

Intercity Buses, Inc. - began operations in 1955, operating three routes between Portland and Oregon City.

In addition, according to the 1952 "Mass Transportation's Directory", there existed a company North Parkrose Lines, which served Maywood, View Ridge, Parkrose, North Parkrose. Also, Vancouver-Portland Bus Co. connected those cities, also existed in 1930's.

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