In New York City, all bus route numbers are preceded by a letter indicating the borough. The route numbering has generally remained stable going into the 21st Century. Routes most recently introduced are generally not listed.

Much of Queens was developed later than the rest of New York City. Thus in most areas, the first public transportation routes created were bus routes, with fewer streetcar routes ever operating in Queens.

The Steinway Railway Co. had operated primarily in Astoria, while the two other street railways had operated over various distances throughout Queens. Former Steinway routes became bus routes Q101-Q102-Q103-Q104, while former New York & Queens County Railway Co. routes became bus routes Q65-Q66-Q67. In addition, the New York & North Shore Traction Co. existed from 1910 to 1920, operating east from Flushing paralleling Northern Blvd., with a branch operating north along 150th St. to Whitestone. Replacement bus service evolved to North Shore Bus Co. routes Q12 and Q14, eventually operated by the New York City Transit Authority (NYCTA).

A streetcar line was also operated by the Manhattan & Queens Traction Co. (M&Q), from Manhattan across the Queensboro Bridge into Woodside. In 1937, replacement bus service was operated by the Manhattan & Queens Bus Corp., which was acquired by Green Bus Lines in 1943, becoming route Q60.

Route Q22 supplemented and subsequently replaced an electric railway operated by Ocean Electric Railway Co. serving the "Rockaway" suburbs, which were annexed to New York City in 1898.

Prior to 1936, many bus routes were originally operated by various independent operators. A few early bus routes were temporarily operated under supervision by the New York City Department of Plant & Structures (DP&S). DP&S routes were assigned numbers in the order in which they were introduced, in all five boroughs. Some routes did not survive long and are not listed.

In 1936, Queens was divided into four zones, for bus operating franchise purposes. With the new zone setup, one company would be awarded the franchise in each zone, with any remaining smaller operations acquired by the larger company. Meanwhile, the bus companies which had evolved from street railway companies would continue to operate their routes. The 1936 four zone setup for bus franchises was as follows.

Zone A, Woodside, Triboro Coach Corp.
Zone B, Flushing, North Shore Bus Co.
Zone C, Ozone Park, Green Bus Lines
Zone D, Jamaica, Bee Line

The Bee Line was an operator primarily in suburban Nassau County, which included a few routes making city transit connections in Jamaica. Schenck Transportation Co. was another operator in Nassau County, which operated two routes in Queens, until the awarding of the Zone D franchise to Bee Line. Due to various complications, in 1939 the Zone D franchise was finally awarded to the North Shore Bus Co. The private operators in Nassau County continued to operate until 1973, when the public Metropolitan Suburban Bus Authority (MSBA) was formed to assume the routes in Nassau County.

In 1947, the North Shore Bus Co. ceased operations, resulting in the city takeover of the operations in Zone B and Zone D. Those routes evolved to the New York City Transit Authority, with the zone identified in the route histories.

Most of the private bus companies, including those which had replaced streetcar routes, continued to operate until 2006. Although subsidized by the New York City Department of Transportation.

In 2004, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) formed a new subsidiary, MTA Bus, to take over the remaining private bus operations in New York City. In February 2005, MTA Bus took over the operations of Queens Surface Corp. And in early 2006, MTA Bus took over the three remaining companies in Queens, all affiliated.

The following four private bus companies continued to operate in Queens until 2006. Two bus companies evolved from streetcar operations, which had been converted to buses in the 1930's. While the two other bus companies had been awarded the franchises with the 1936 four zone setup, for areas which never had streetcar routes.

Queens Surface Corp. - evolved from New York & Queens County Railway Co., which in 1932 had been succeeded by New York & Queens Transit Corp., and converted to buses in 1937 operated under the name Queens-Nassau Transit Lines, renamed Queens Transit Corp. in 1957. Also affiliated was the Steinway Railway Co., which became a separate company in the 1932 reorganization, and was reorganized again in 1938 as Steinway Transit, with replacement of streetcars with buses. Those companies were combined again in 1986, forming Queens/Steinway Transit Corp. Bus operations were sold in 1988 to Linden Bus Co., which then changed its name to Queens Surface Corp.

Jamaica Buses - evolved from Long Island Electric Railway Co., which in 1926 had been succeeded by Jamaica Central Railways Co., and converted to buses in 1933.

Green Bus Lines - had operated buses since 1925, awarded Ozone Park Zone C bus franchise in 1936.

Triboro Coach Corp. - had operated buses since 1925, awarded Woodside Zone A bus franchise in 1936.

Around 1989, several former Brooklyn routes which had operated through into Queens, were redesignated as Queens routes, with "Q" route numbers. All of these bus routes are former Brooklyn Rapid Transit streetcar routes. At the same time, route M32 became route Q32. And at the same time, NYCTA routes with suffix letters were renumbered to eliminate the suffix letters.

Where no recent route number is indicated, route has been discontinued.

Route   Route      Operator      Old Route  Buses       Original
Number  Name       Until 2006    Number     Introduced  Company

Q  1  Hillside          NYCTA (D)  Q  1    1914      Hillside Transportation Co.
Q  2  Hollis Av         NYCTA (D)  Q  2    1919      St. Albans Imp. (DP&S Route 76)
Q  3  Farmers Blvd      NYCTA (D)  Q  3    1919      St. Albans Imp. (DP&S Route 76)
Q  4  Linden Blvd       NYCTA (D)  Q  4    1919      St. Albans Imp. (DP&S Route 72)
Q  5  Merrick           NYCTA (D)  Q  5     4/21/22  Bee Line (DP&S Route 77)
Q  6  Sutphin Blvd      Green      Q  6     7/19/22  Queens Bus Corp.
Q  7  Rockaway          Green      Q  7    10/ 5/21  Ruoff brothers (DP&S Route 66)
Q  8  101 Ave           Green      Q  8     4/15/33  Green
Q  9  Lincoln           Green      Q  9     5/ 1/20  Ludwig Bilow (DP&S Route 55)
      Linden Blvd       Green      Q  9A    4/ 3/86  Green
Q 10  Lefferts Blvd     Green      Q 10     4/29/21  Richmond Hill Bus (DP&S Route 53)
Q 11  Woodhaven Blvd    Green      Q 11    1918      Liberty Bus (DP&S Route 64)
Q 12  Northern Blvd     NYCTA (B)  Q 12    1921      Rauchwerger
      Little Neck Pkwy  NYCTA      Q 12A    6/ 4/50  NYCTA
Q 13  Northern/Bell     NYCTA (B)  Q 13     3/14/20  Rauchwerger (DP&S Route 18)
      Union/149 St      NYCTA (B)  Q 14    1922      DP&S
Q 15  150 St            NYCTA (B)  Q 15     4/ 3/24  Rauchwerger
Q 15A 150 St 10 Av      NYCTA (B)  Q 14     8/ 2/20  Rauchwerger (DP&S Route 54)
Q 16  Bayside/Willets   NYCTA (B)  Q 16     8/15/30  North Shore
Q 17  Kissena/188 St    NYCTA (B)  Q 17    1928      Flushing Hts. Bus Co.
Q 18  30 Ave            Triboro    Q 18    1925      Woodside-Astoria Trans.
Q 19  Astoria Blvd      Triboro    Q 19    1933      Triboro
Q 20A Union St/20 Av    NYCTA (B)  Q 44FS   2/15/32  North Shore
Q 20B Union St/14 Av    NYCTA (B)  Q 44FS   2/15/32  North Shore
Q 21  Cross Bay Blvd    Green      Q 21    1923      Queens Auto Traction
Q 22  Rockaway Beach    Green      Q 22    1912      Long Island Coach Co.
      Bayswater         Green      Q 22A   1921
Q 23  108 St            Triboro    Q 23    1925      North Shore
Q 24  Atlantic Av       NYCTA      B 22     1/15/50  Replace BMT Streetcar
Q 25  Kissena/127 St    Queens     Q 25    1928      Flushing Hts. Bus Co.
Q 26  46 Av/Hollis Ct   NYCTA (B)  Q 26    10/ 1/31  Z&M Coach Co.
Q 27  46 Av/Rocky Hill  NYCTA (B)  Q 27    1926      Z&M Coach Co.
Q 28  Northern/32 Av    NYCTA (B)  Q 28     4/  /28  North Shore
Q 29  80 St             Triboro    Q 29    1921      Kings Coach Co.
Q 30  Utopia/Harding    NYCTA      Q 17A    9/ 7/47  NYCTA
Q 31  Utopia/Bell       NYCTA (B)  Q 31    1932      S&C Buses
Q 32  Roosevelt/Fifth   NYCTA      M 32    1925      Fifth Avenue Coach
Q 33  82 St             Triboro    Q 33     1/ 1/33  Municipal Motorbus Co.
Q 34  Kissena/Willets   Queens     Q 34     4/  /33
Q 35  Newport Av        Green      Q 35     7/ 3/37
Q 36  Hillside          NYCTA (D)  Q 36     4/  /26  Schenck Trans.
Q 37  111 St            Green      Q 37     1/  /39  General Omnibus Corp.
Q 38  Eliot             Triboro    Q 38     6/  /34  Affiliated Transit
Q 39  Forest            Triboro    Q 39     7/  /34  National City Bus Lines
Q 40  142 St            Green      Q 40     2/ 5/34  Midland Coach
Q 41  127 St            Green      Q 41     7/19/34  Courier Bus Co.
Q 42  Addisleigh Park   NYCTA (D)  Q 42     3/27/34  North Branch Bus
Q 43  Hillside Av       NYCTA (D)  Q 43     5/24/35  Schenck Trans.
Q 44  Cross Bronx       NYCTA      Q 44     3/22/38  North Shore
      Vleigh Pl         NYCTA      Q 44VP  10/14/40  North Shore
Q 46  Union Turnpike    NYCTA      Q 44A   12/ 4/39  North Shore
Q 47  69 St             Triboro    Q 45    10/ 1/39  Triboro
Q 47  74 St             Triboro    Q 47    10/ 1/39  Triboro
Q 48  Ditmars/LGA       NYCTA      Q 48     3/31/40  North Shore
Q 49  35 Ave            Triboro    Q 19B    1/  /38  Triboro
Q 53  Rockaway Park     Triboro    Q 53     6/28/56  Triboro
Q 54  Metropolitan Av   NYCTA      B 53     6/12/49  Replace BMT Streetcar
Q 55  Myrtle Av         NYCTA      B 55     4/26/50  Replace BMT Streetcar
Q 56  Jamaica Av        NYCTA      B 56    11/30/47  Replace BMT Streetcar
Q 58  Corona Av         NYCTA      B 58     7/17/49  Replace BMT Streetcar
Q 59  Grand Av          NYCTA      B 59    12/11/49  Replace BMT Streetcar
Q 60  Queens Blvd       Green      Q 60     4/17/37  Replace M&Q Streetcar
Q 64  Jewel Ave         Queens     Q 65A   11/14/51  Queens
Q 65  College Pt-164    Queens     Q 65     8/10/37  Replace Queens Streetcar
Q 66  Northern Blvd     Queens     Q 66     9/ 5/37  Replace Queens Streetcar
Q 67  69 St/Borden Av   Queens     Q 67    10/30/37  Replace Queens Streetcar
Q 69  21 St             Triboro    Q 19A   1933      Triboro
Q 72  Junction-LGA      Triboro    B 72     8/25/49  Replace BMT Streetcar
      188 St/73 Av      NYCTA      Q 75     4/28/52  NYCTA
Q 76  Francis Lewis     NYCTA      Q 76    10/29/61  NYCTA
Q 77  Springfield Blvd  NYCTA      Q 77     9/13/65  NYCTA
Q 83  Liberty/Murdock   NYCTA (D)  Q  3A   1923      Bee Line
Q 84  Merrick/120 Av    NYCTA (D)  Q  4A   1923      Bee Line
Q 85  Merrick/Conduit   NYCTA (D)  Q  5A             Bee Line
Q 88  Harding/73 Av     NYCTA      Q 88     9/16/74  NYCTA
Q100  Rikers Island     Queens     Q101R   1980's
Q101  Steinway St       Queens     Q101    12/ 6/35  Replace Steinway Streetcar
Q102  31 St             Queens     Q102     9/29/39  Replace Steinway Streetcar
Q103  Vernon Blvd       Queens     Q103     9/29/39  Replace Steinway Streetcar
Q104  Broadway          Queens     Q104     9/29/39  Replace Steinway Streetcar
Q110  Jamaica Ave       Jamaica    Q110    11/26/33  Replace Jamaica Streetcar
Q111  Guy R. Brewer     Jamaica    Q111    11/12/33  Jamaica
Q112  Liberty           Jamaica    Q112    12/ 3/33  Replace Jamaica Streetcar
Q113  Guy R. Brewer     Jamaica    Q113     9/15/30  Replace Jamaica Streetcar
Q114  Guy R. Brewer     Jamaica    Q113     9/15/30  Replace Jamaica Streetcar

Not listed, and until 2008 not shown on NYCTA bus maps, are express bus routes into Manhattan. These routes were acquired by MTA Bus in 2005 and 2006 from the private operators, and have numbers beginning with "QM", reflecting both boroughs.

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