In New York City, all bus route numbers are preceded by a letter indicating the borough. In the Bronx, routes are indicated with "Bx", to differentiate from Brooklyn. The route numbering has generally remained stable going into the 21st Century. Routes most recently introduced are generally not listed.

In the Bronx, all streetcars were eventually operated by the Third Avenue Railway Co. The Third Avenue Railway Co. had originally operated in Manhattan, but later expanded by acquiring the various street railways in the Bronx.

In 1924, the Third Avenue Railway Co. formed a subsidiary, Surface Transportation Corp., to operate the bus routes which would replace the streetcar routes. In 1956, the Third Avenue Railway Co. merged with the Fifth Avenue Coach Co. And in 1962, the city took over the Fifth Avenue Coach Co. operations with the city. A separate entity, the Manhattan & Bronx Surface Transit Operating Authority (MaBSTOA), was formed to operate the routes. This was to isolate any legal complications of the takeover from the main New York City Transit Authority (NYCTA). MaBSTOA continues to exist as a separate operating entity, although perceived by the public as part of the same system as NYCTA.

Some bus routes were originally operated by independent operators, prior to being operated by Surface Transportation Corp. Original operating company names are indicated. A few routes were temporarily operated under supervision by the New York City Department of Plant & Structures (DP&S). DP&S routes were assigned numbers in the order in which they were introduced, in all five boroughs.

Where no recent route number is indicated, route has been discontinued.

Route   Route                  Old Route  Buses Introduced
Number  Name                   Number     Streetcars Discontinued

Bx 1  Grand Concourse               Bx 1   7/ 3/21  New Bus-Concourse (DP&S Route 58)
Bx 2  Grand Concourse/Melrose       Bx 2   7/ 3/21  New Bus-Concourse (DP&S Route 59)
Bx 3  University/W 181 St           Bx38  10/26/47  Replace Streetcar
Bx 4  Westchester Av                Bx42   7/20/48  Replace Streetcar
Bx 5  Crosby                        Bx23   6/15/34  New Bus-Bronx Coach
Bx 5  Bruckner Blvd/Story Av        Bx 5   3/26/28  New Bus-DP&S
Bx 6  East 161/E 163 St             Bx34   6/27/48  Replace Streetcar
Bx 7  Riverdale Av/Broadway         Bx10   2/12/28  New Bus
Bx 8  Bronxwood/Williamsbridge      Bx 8  11/ 1/27  New Bus
Bx 8  Westchester                   Bx22   8/25/40  Replace Streetcar
Bx 8  Country Club                  Bx22  1933      New Bus-Capwood
Bx 9  Broadway/Kingsbridge          Bx20   3/25/48  Replace Streetcar
Bx10  Riverdale/Norwood             Bx28   8/22/48  Replace Streetcar
Bx11  Claremont Pkwy/E 170 St       Bx11   2/27/48  New Bus
Bx12  Pelham Pkwy/Fordham Rd        Bx12   4/23/28  New Bus
Bx13  Ogden Av/W 181 St             Bx37  10/26/47  Replace Streetcar
Bx15  3 Av/125 St                   Bx29   8/ 5/41  Replace Streetcar
Bx16  E 233 St                      Bx14   8/18/35  Replace Streetcar
Bx16  Nereid Av                     Bx16   8/18/35  Replace Streetcar
Bx16  Baychester                    Bx19
      Edenwald                      Bx14   4/20/31  New Bus
Bx17  Crotona Av/Prospect Av        Bx 3  10/24/21  New Bus-Pioneer Bus (DP&S Route 67)
Bx18  Macombs Rd                    Bx18   6/22/41  New Bus
Bx19  Southern Blvd                 Bx31   8/22/48  Replace Streetcar
Bx19  E 149 St                      Bx30   8/17/47  Replace Streetcar
Bx20  Broadway/Hudson Pkwy          Bx24   6/27/48  Replace Streetcar
      Randalls Island               Bx21
Bx21  Morris Park Av/Boston Rd      Bx26   8/22/48  Replace Streetcar
Bx22  Castle Hill Av                Bx13  1928      New Bus-Windus
Bx26  Allerton Av                   Bx17   6/26/41  New Bus
Bx27  Westchester/Soundview Av      Bx27   3/ 9/47  Replace Streetcar
Bx28  E Gun Hill Rd                 Bx15   9/18/33  New Bus
Bx29  City Island                   Bx12   9/ 4/16  New Bus-City Island (DP&S Route 69/70)
Bx30  Boston Rd                     Bx 7   2/12/28  Replace Streetcar
Bx30  E Gun Hill Rd                 Bx 6   3/26/28  New Bus-DP&S
Bx31  Eastchester Rd                Bx 9  11/ 1/27  New Bus
      St. Anns                      Bx32   7/11/48  Replace Streetcar
Bx32  Morris                        Bx25  11/ 1/41  Replace Streetcar
Bx32  Jerome                        Bx 4  12/10/21  New Bus-York Transp. (DP&S Route 74)
Bx33  W 135/E 138                   Bx33   7/11/48  Replace Streetcar
Bx34  Bainbridge Av                 Bx 4  by 1927   New Bus-Audubon (DP&S Route 74)
Bx35  E 167/W 181 St                Bx35   7/11/48  Replace Streetcar
Bx36  E 174/E 180 St                Bx36  10/26/47  Replace Streetcar
Bx39  White Plains Rd               Bx28   8/22/48  Replace Streetcar
      Sedgwick                      Bx39   6/27/48  Replace Streetcar
Bx40  Tremont Av Crosstown          Bx40   8/22/48  Replace Streetcar
Bx40  Fort Schuyler                 Bx 6  12/10/21  New Bus-James Geelan (DP&S Route 73)
Bx41  Webster Av/White Plains Rd    Bx41   6/27/48  Replace Streetcar
Bx42  Tremont Av/Throgs Neck        Bx40   8/22/48  Replace Streetcar
      Metropolitan Av               Bx54

Not listed, and until 2008 not shown on NYCTA bus maps, are express bus routes into Manhattan, previously operated by private carriers and subsidized by the New York City Department of Transportation. These routes have numbers beginning with "BxM", reflecting both boroughs. In 2004, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) formed a new subsidiary, MTA Bus, to take over the remaining private bus operations in New York City. And in January and July 2005 respectively, MTA Bus took over all routes which had been operated by Liberty Lines and New York Bus Service.

Liberty Lines evolved from express bus service originally introduced in 1968 by Riverdale Transit Corp., between Bronx and Manhattan. Liberty Lines was formed in 1953, operating in Westchester County, and acquired Riverdale Transit Corp. in 1972. An additional subsidiary of Liberty Lines, Pelham Parkway Bus Service, was formed in 1971. In 1984, Liberty Lines combined its subsidiaries Riverdale Transit Corp. and Pelham Parkway Bus Service into Liberty Lines Express. Continues to operate local bus routes in Westchester County under contract, known as the Bee Line.

New York Bus Service was formed 1945 as a school bus operator. And in 1970 began operating express bus service between Bronx and Manhattan.

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