In New York City, all bus route numbers would be preceded by a letter indicating the borough. And in 1967, this scheme was extended to Nassau County, with route numbers preceded with "N". Routes most recently introduced are generally not listed.

The suburban counties were developed later than the actual New York City. Thus, streetcars were a less significant part of the history of public transportation in Nassau County. Many of the electric railways were actually feeder lines to the Long Island Rail Road, the main commuter railroad serving the area. The Long Island Rail Road controlled most of these electric railways and was officially a "steam" railroad, though many of the commuter lines are electrified with a third rail system.

Electric Railways Replaced With Buses

These are the most significant electric railways operating in Nassau County, with lines evolving to the bus network.

Glen Cove Railroad Co. - ceased operations in 1924, operated the following line:
Glen Cove-Sea Cliff, replacement bus route N78, originally operated by Glen Cove-Sea Cliff Bus Line

New York & Long Island Traction Co. - ceased operations in 1926, operated the following lines:
Jamaica-Freeport, replacement bus route N4, operated by Bee Line
Jamaica-Hempstead, replacement bus route N6, operated by Bee Line
Jamaica-Mineola, replacement bus route N22, operated by Schenck Transportation Co.
Mineola-Hempstead-Freeport, replacement bus route N40, operated by Hempstead Bus Corp.

New York & North Shore Traction Co. - ceased operations in 1920, operated the following lines:
Flushing-Whitestone (existed in Queens/New York City only)
Flushing-Roslyn, replacement route N20, operated by North Shore Bus Co.
Port Washington-Roslyn-Mineola, replacement route N23, originally operated by William A. Eaton
Mineola-Hicksville, replacement route N22, originally operated by William A. Eaton

Replacement bus service was not introduced immediately after discontinuance of electric railway service.

In 1973 the Metropolitan Suburban Bus Authority (MSBA) was formed, acquiring eleven private bus companies in Nassau County. In 2012, the bus service in Nassau County was replaced by NICE (Nassau Inter-County Express).

Discontinued routes are in parentheses. Where no route number is listed, that route was discontinued prior to the adoption of route numbers.

Route  Number   Route                              1973     Original  Date
NICE   Former                                      Company  Company   Introduced

 N 1            Jamaica-Elmont-Hewlett              Bee                   1947
(N 2)           Floral Park-Green Acres Mall        Bee                9/ 2/30   disc.  1/17/2016
        (N 3)   Franklin Square-Green Acres Mall    Bee                7/14/26   disc.  6/27/2010
 N 4            Jamaica-Freeport                    Bee               12/29/25
        (N 5)   Jamaica-Grant Park                  Bee                7/14/26   disc.       1989
 N 6            Jamaica-Hempstead                   Bee                4/ 4/26
        (N 7)   Freeport-Green Acres Mall           Bee                6/  /69
(N 8)           Franklin Square-Green Acres Mall    MSBA                         disc.  1/17/2016
                Rockville Centre-Valley Stream               Rockv.       1931   disc.  around 1948
(N14)           Rockville Centre Shuttle Loop       Rockv.                1953   disc.  1/17/2016
 N15            Roosevelt Field-Long Beach          Rockv.                1928
 N16     N46    Roosevelt Field-Hempstead           Hempst.  Semke      1940's
 N16     N46    Hempstead-Rockville Centre          Rockv.   Semke        1922
(N17)   (N47)   Hempstead-Rockville Centre          Rockv.                1922   disc.  1/17/2016
 N19            Freeport-Sunrise Mall               Utility               1923
 N20            Flushing-Great Neck-Hicksville      Schenck  NS Bus   12/11/26
 N21            Great Neck-Glen Cove                Schenck  NS Auto   6/  /24
 N22            Jamaica-Mineola                     Schenck            4/15/26
 N22            Mineola-Hicksville                  Schenck  W Eaton    1920's
 N23            Mineola-Manorhaven                  Schenck  W Eaton  10/  /23
 N24            Jamaica-Roosevelt Field             Schenck             1930's
 N24     N79    Roosevelt Field-Hicksville          Stage    Star       1960's
 N25            Lynbrook-Great Neck                 Schenck             1930's
 N26            Great Neck-Jamaica                  MSBA
 N27     N77    Hempstead-Glen Cove                 Schenck  Hendri.   5/ 2/27
        (N28)   Roslyn Station-Industrial Park      MSBA                         disc.  6/27/2010
 N31            Hempstead-Far Rockaway              Schenck  Nassau       1959
 N32     N36    Hempstead-Lynbrook                  Hempst.               1922
 N32            Lynbrook-Far Rockaway               Schenck  Nassau       1912
 N33            Far Rockaway-Long Beach             Schenck  Nassau     1920's
 N35            Baldwin Harbor-Hempstead-Westbury   Hempst.             1940's
        (N36)   Lynbrook-Baldwin                    Hempst.             1940's   disc.  4/ 9/2017
        (N36)   Baldwin-Freeport                    Hempst.  Dileo        1932   disc.  4/ 9/2017
        (N37)   Hempstead-Baldwin Harbor            Hempst.  Baldwin    1920's   disc.  4/25/2009
        (N38)   Hempstead-East Meadow Loop          Hempst.  Steiner      1923
        (N39)   Hempstead-Hicksville-Mid Island     Hempst.  Steiner      1923
 N40            Mineola-Hempstead-Freeport          Hempst.               1926
 N41            Mineola-Hempstead-Freeport          Hempst.
 N43            Roosevelt Field-Freeport            MSBA
(N45)   (N80)   Roosevelt Field-Bellmore            Hempst.  Star                disc.  4/ 9/2017
(N46)           Hempstead-Bellmore                  MSBA                  1982   disc.  1/17/2016
(N47)           Hempstead-Bellmore                  MSBA                         disc.  4/ 9/2017
 N48     N39    Hempstead-Hicksville via Carman     Hempst.               1953
 N49     N39    Hempstead-Hicksville via Newbridge  Hempst.  Steiner      1923
(N50)           Hicksville-Bellmore                 MSBA                         disc.  1/17/2016
        (N51)   Roosevelt Field-Merrick             Jerus.              1950's   disc.  4/ 9/2017
        (N52)   Hempstead-Merrick                   Jerus.              1940's
        (N52)   Merrick-Seaford-Amityville          Jerus.   Dileo        1932
        (N53)   Massapequa Park Loop                Jerus.             5/  /62
 N54     N52    Hempstead-Sunrise Mall              Jerus.   E. End     1920's
 N55            Hempstead-Sunrise Mall              MSBA
        (N56)   Great Neck-Kings Point              Schenck  Univ.      1920's
 N57            Great Neck Loop                     Schenck  Univ.      1920's
 N58            Great Neck-Kings Point              Schenck  Univ.      1920's
(N62)           Freeport Shuttle                    Roosev.               1931   disc.  4/ 9/2017
        (N64)   Farmingdale-Amityville              Alert              7/  /22
(N64A)  (N84)   Massapequa-Plainview                Alert    Star
(N64A)  (N85)   Massapequa-South Huntington         Alert    Star
        (N67)   Oyster Bay-Glen Cove                Hendri.            7/11/22   disc.  1/  /1975
        (N69)   Long Beach-Point Lookout            Branch                       disc.       1984
 N70            Hempstead-Farmingdale St Co         MSBA
 N71    (N83)   Hempstead-Sunrise Mall              Alert    Star       1960's
 N72            Hempstead-Farmingdale               Stage    Purint.      1948
(N73)           Hicksville-Wantagh                  Stage    Purint.      1948   disc.  4/ 9/2017
(N74)           Hicksville-Wantagh                  Stage                        disc.  4/ 9/2017
                Farmingdale-Babylon                          Stage      1960's
        (N78)   Glen Cove-Sea Cliff                 Stage    GC-SC        1924
 N78     N79    Hicksville-Plainview                Stage    Star       1950's
 N79            Hicksville-South Huntington         Stage    Star
 N80     N87    Hicksville-Sunrise Mall             Stage    Star       1950's
(N81)   (N83)   Hicksville-Sunrise Mall             Stage    Star       1950's   disc.  4/ 9/2017
        (N81)   Hicksville-Syosset                  Stage    Star       1950's
        (N82)   Bellmore-Levittown Loop             Schenck  Steiner      1923
                Bellmore-Hempstead-Roosevelt Field           Star       1940's
                Bellmore-Levittown                           Star       1940's

Bus Companies Acquired by MSBA in 1973

In 1973 the Metropolitan Suburban Bus Authority acquired the following eleven private bus companies in Nassau County.

Alert Coach Lines (formed 1969 acquiring Leigh's Transportation of Suffolk County, formed 1922)
Bee Line (formed 1922)
Branch Bus Corp. (formed 1929)
Hempstead Bus Corp. (formed 1926 acquiring Peoples Bus Line, formed 1922)
Hendrickson Bus Co. (formed 1922, 1960 mostly to Star Bus Lines)
Jerusalem Avenue Bus Line (formed 1926 acquiring East End Bus Line, formed 1923)
Rockville Centre Bus Corp. (formed 1927, affiliated with Bee Line)
Roosevelt Bus Line (formed 1931 acquiring Gus Simone bus route)
Schenck Transportation Co. (formed 1925)
Stage Coach Lines (formed 1964 as subsidiary of Bee Line, acquiring Checker Bus Corp.)
Utility Lines (formed 1929, affiliated with Bee Line)

Bus Companies With 1949 Franchises

As of 1949, the following additional companies had franchises to operate buses in Nassau County.

Bay Park-East Rockaway Bus Line (formed 1926, abandoned around 1953)
Dileo Bus Line (formed 1932, 1951 to Hempstead Bus Corp. and Star Bus Lines and Jerusalem Avenue Bus Line)
Levitttown Bus Corp. (formed 1949 acquiring Purinton Coach Lines, 1951 to Checker Bus Corp.)
Mack Brothers Transportation Co. (formed 1924, abandoned 1952)
Joseph F. Maranta (formed acquiring Farmingdale-Massapequa Omnibus Corp., formed 1928, abandoned 1950's)
Nassau Bus Line (formed 1912, 1969 to Schenck Transportation Co.)
Purinton Coach Lines (formed around 1948, 1949 mostly to Levitttown Bus Corp., 1950's remainder to Star Bus Lines)
Semke Bus Line (formed 1922, 1970 to Hempstead Bus Corp.)
Star Bus Lines (formed 1941 acquiring Gus Simone bus route, 1964 to Mid Island Transit System, 1970 mostly to Stage Coach Lines)
Universal Auto Bus Service (formed 1907, 1970 to Schenck Transportation Co.)

In addition, Jamaica Buses had a franchise, but primarily operated in the New York City Borough of Queens.

Earlier Bus Companies

Baldwin Harbor Bus & Taxi Co. (formed 1919, 1937 to Mack Brothers Transportation Co.)
William A. Eaton (formed 1923, 1928 to North Shore Bus Co.)
Glen Cove & New York Coach Corp. (1928 to North Shore Bus Co., abandoned 1935)
Glen Cove-Sea Cliff Bus Line (formed 1924, 1927 to William A. Eaton, 1935 to Hendrickson Bus Co.)
North Shore Auto Co. (formed 1924, 1926 to North Shore Bus Co.)
North Shore Bus Co. (formed 1926, 1936 Manorhaven line/1947 remainder to Schenck Transportation Co.)
L. J. Steiner (formed 1923, 1929 to George Regan, 1929 one route to Hempstead Bus Corp., 1931 one route to Gus Simone)

Long Beach

The City of Long Beach has a long history of independent bus operation. Operated by Long Beach Bus Co. 1924-1947, Beach Transit 1947-1949, Nassau Bus Line 1949-1952, City of Long Beach after 1952. A route from Long Beach to Point Lookout was sold by 1957 from the City to Branch Bus Corp., assumed 1973 by MSBA (route N69), returned to City 1984.

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