Map shows electric railway trackage and trolleybus routes in Kenosha. Local streetcar routes were operated by the Wisconsin Gas & Electric Co., and are shown in blue.

Thicker solid blue lines indicate streetcar routes which were later trolleybus routes. Thinner solid blue lines indicate streetcar segments which never had trolleybuses. Dashed lines indicate trolleybus routes where streetcar trackage previously did not exist.

The Milwaukee Electric Railway & Light Co operated a local interurban line from Racine and Milwaukee, which is shown in red. And the Chicago North Shore and Milwaukee Railroad's high speed interurban line is shown in green.

Meanwhile the Kenosha Streetcar Circulator line opened in 2000, and is shown with a black dashed line.

Most of Kenosha's streets originally had names. In 1926, Kenosha's streets were assigned numbers, with avenues running north-south, and streets running east-west. Both older names and present numbers are indicated.