Map shows electric railway trackage in the Gary/Hammond area, with the following colors used:

Orange - Chicago South Shore & South Bend Railroad. Included is original route through East Chicago, dashed line indicates present "bypass" route, constructed along the Indiana Toll Road in 1956.

Blue - Gary Railways and predecessors. Because the city of Gary was largely developed around the United States Steel Corporation, several lines specifically served various steel mills.

Green - Hammond Whiting & East Chicago Railway Co. Joint service with Chicago Surface Lines operated through into Chicago, via Indianapolis Blvd. and Ewing Ave. South of Whiting, Indianapolis Blvd. was previously known as Forsyth Ave. Routes were numbered 10-11-12, as indicated on map.

The present day bus routes bear little resemblance to the electric railways. In Gary, United States Steel became less significant as a focus of the bus system there. And in more recent years, a few bus routes of a regional nature were introduced. Hammond, since the 1970's, has had troubles in being able to consistently maintain a bus system.