Historic Interurban Railways

Electric interurban railways historically operated in several directions from Cincinnati. Some segments of these interurban railways, closer to Cincinnati, were acquired by Cincinnati Street Railway, and evolved to bus routes still operating in Cincinnati.

Route numbers are identified as SORTA (Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority), CT (Cincinnati Transit), CSR (Cincinnati Street Railway).

SORTA Route 50
CT Bus Route K
CSR Streetcar Route 30
Cincinnati Street Railway extension from Anderson's Ferry to Fernbank via Cincinnati Lawrenceburg & Aurora Electric Street Railroad Co., abandoned in 1930. Historically that interurban railway never operated through into Cincinnati, due to being standard gauge and being incompatible with Cincinnati Street Railway's broad gauge. Connections were made with Cincinnati Route 34 Sedamsville. Acquired interurban trackage was then converted to broad gauge, enabling through operation.

SORTA Route 11
CT Bus Route A
CSR Streetcar Route 71-72
Cincinnati Street Railway extension from Hyde Park to Milford via Cincinnati Milford & Blanchester Traction Co., abandoned in 1926. Cincinnati Street Railway Route 71 Milford operated until 1936, when cut back and replaced with Route 72 Mariemont.

SORTA Route 78
CT Bus Route 78
CSR Streetcar Route 75-76-77
Cincinnati Street Railway extension from Cincinnati Zoo to Glendale and Springdale via Ohio Traction Co., abandoned in 1926. Glendale initially was the Cincinnati Street Railway terminal (Route 76), restored to Springdale in 1928 (Route 77). Cut back to Glendale in 1930, Wyoming (Route 75) in 1931, and discontinued in 1932. The Route 78 Lockland was the last streetcar route in the area.

Cincinnati Route History

How these routes evolved into bus routes operated by Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority (SORTA), the present area transit system.

More Obscure Suburban Lines

Additional obscure bus companies previously existed, according to the 1952 "Mass Transportation's Directory", and the WPA American Guide Series of state guidebooks.

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