In 1969, the publicly owned Canton Regional Transit Authority (CRTA) acquired Canton City Lines from National City Lines. In 1997, CRTA became Stark Area Regional Transit Authority (SARTA), serving the entire county. This page lists SARTA routes which can trace their histories back to privately ownership. Some routes were eventually discontinued by CRTA or SARTA. Other routes were restructured going into the 21st Century, and are identified using the more recent names. Old route numbers are listed, routes were later renumbered into the 100's, usually by adding 100 to the old route number. And since its formation CRTA or SARTA added several new bus routes, which are not listed.

Route   Route Name                     Streetcar    Buses       Notes
Number  (Segment/Former Route Name)    Or New Bus   Introduced

         South Market                   1884          3/15/30
   1     Belden/Daleford (E. 3rd/19th)  New Bus
   2     West Tuscarawas                1884          4/18/31
   3     Gibbs/Plain                    New Bus
   4     Uniontown/Greentown            New Bus
   5     Cleveland Ave./North Canton    1884          3/15/30
   6     Whipple (W. 9th)               Before 1906   7/20/26
   7     Belden/East Canton             1884          4/18/31
   8     Market/Easton                  New Bus
   9     Louisville (Mahoning)          1884          8/ 6/30
  10     Cherry                         New Bus
  11     Maple                          New Bus
  12     Hartville                      New Bus
  13     Harrison/SW Canton             New Bus
  15     Belden/Airport Express         New Bus
  17     Meyers Lake                    New Bus
  18     Timken/Navarre                  7/  /1901    4/18/31
  19     Fulton/Northwest Canton        New Bus

There was no bus route successor resembling the South Market streetcar route.

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