Zoomable Google Maps show the most interesting locations throughout the country where Amtrak trains switch between different lines, along with Amtrak routings serving various old Union Stations.

Auburndale FL
Crossing of two former competing railroads in Florida is now a junction for the merged railroads.

Selma To Raleigh NC
The introduction of new state sponsored Amtrak services, along with a main line abandonment to the north, necessitated some creative route changes.

Orange To Charlottesville VA
Two different railroads share a route out of Washington DC, before separating, and finally crossing each other at a Union Station.

Petersburg VA
In the few years prior to Amtrak's creation, the recently merged Seaboard Coast Line had achieved station and route consolidation. In addition, Amtrak service briefly existed on the Norfolk & Western, operating east and west. And in 2012, Amtrak introduced new service between the Northeast Corridor and Norfolk.

Catlettsburg WV
For a few years, Amtrak service operated over the old Norfolk & Western main line, connecting here with the Cardinal operating over the Chesapeake & Ohio.

Temple To Taylor TX
New Amtrak service involving multiple railroads would most directly use the Missouri Kansas Texas route between these two cities. But that route was not immediately suitable for passenger train speeds.