Beginning in 1922, intrastate bus service was regulated by the Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission. The earliest bus services were actually jitney operations. These jitney companies were listed in the 1924 Annual Report, as having certificates for operation.

Because Rhode Island is a small densely populated state, bus service generally is of a more local nature. Providence is the capital and largest city in Rhode Island, with streetcars operating until 1948. The successor bus system evolved to the present state owned Rhode Island Public Transit Authority.

Certificate   To Whom                   Route
No.           Issued

 1     United Electric Railways         Providence
 2     United Electric Railways         Providence-Oakland Beach
 7     United Electric Railways         Pawtuxet-Warwick Downs
 9     John Krawczuk                    Providence
11     Arthur Touchette                 Providence
12     Joseph O. Laurence               Providence
13     Mikola Hudyma                    Providence
14     Benny Isabella                   Providence
15     David Abbott                     Providence
16     James Varone                     Providence
17     Henry F. Sullivan                Newport
18     Jean Courtois                    Newport
19     Lars J. Johnson                  Newport
21     Cornelius J. Sullivan            Newport
22     Richard J, Ebbitt                Newport
24     John Judd                        Newport
28     Bradford Dyeing Association      Bradford-Westerly
30     United Electric Railways         Pawtuxet-Lakewood
31     Blue Ribbon Line                 Providence
33     United Electric Railways         Olneyville Square-Eddy St.
34     United Electric Railways         Broadway/Providence
35     James Graham                     LaSalle Square-Danielson CT
36     Robert E. Hoxsie                 Providence
37     James A. Woods                   Newport
41     William H. Kane                  Newport
42     Newport Electric Corp.           Broadway/Newport
43     Herbert C. Cummings              Providence-Narragansett Pier
44     Newport Electric Corp.           Newport-Tiverton
45     Flora C. Mooney                  Ashaway-Westerly
46     Flora C. Mooney                  Westerly-Pleasant View
47     United Electric Railways         Providence-Wallum Lake
48     United Electric Railways         Providence-Bristol
49     Newport Electric Corp.           Bliss Rd./Newport
50     Newport Electric Corp.           Seacond Beach Ave.-Newport
51     United Electric Railways         Providence-North Scituate

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