Beginning in 1929, intrastate bus service was regulated by the Georgia Public Service Commission. These bus companies and lines were listed in the 1932 Annual Report.

Certificate   Name                              Between
No.                                             Points

  1  Southern Stages                            Augusta-Macon
  2  Dalton Bus Line                            Rome-Chattanooga
 10  Marietta-Woodstock-Canton Bus Line         Marietta-Canton
 12  Colonial Stages                            Macon-Jacksonville
 13  Lake County Security Co.                   Valdosta-Thomasville
 14  Hood Coach Lines                           Atlanta-West Point
 18  East Alabama Coach Line                    Roanoke-LaGrange
 19  Ader Coach Lines                           Columbus-Tifton
 22  Queen City Lines                           Atlanta-Murphy NC
 23  Inter-Carolinas Motor Bus Co.              Atlanta-Columbia SC
 24  Queen City Lines                           Atlanta-Greenville SC
 25  Inter-Carolinas Motor Bus Co.              Atlanta-Anderson SC
 26  Inter-Carolinas Motor Bus Co.              Atlanta-Commerce
 28  Southeastern Motor Lines                   Atlanta-Bowdon
 30  Central Motor Line                         Griffin-Thomaston
 31  Harper Bus Lines                           Bowdon-Atlanta
 36  Georgia Motor Lines                        Madison-Milledgeville
 37  Cedartown-Atlanta Bus Line                 Cedartown-Atlanta
 39  Service Stages                             Atlanta-Birmingham
 40  Ader Coach Lines                           Thomasville-Albany
 42  Georgia Highway Transport Co.              Monroe-Social Circle
 43  Colonial Stages                            Chattanooga-Atlanta
 45  Crescent Stages                            Rome-Gadsden
 48  Hood Coach Lines                           Macon-Savannah
 49  Macon-Brunswick Short Line                 Hawkinsville-Macon
 51  Garden City Coach Co.                      Augusta-Savannah
 54  Colonial Stages                            Macon-Cordele
 55  Hood Coach Lines                           Atlanta-West Point
 57  Dallas-Power Springs-Atlanta Bus Line      Dallas-Atlanta
 58  Vidalia-Augusta Bus Line                   Vidalia-Augusta
 59  Waller Motor Line                          Dublin-Savannah
 61  Bass Buys Lines                            Macon-Athens
 65  Colonial Stages                            Atlanta-Macon
 67  South Georgia Coach Line                   Waycross-Valdosta
 70  Coastal Transport Co.                      Savannah-Jacksonville
 71  Bell's Bus Line                            Brunswick-Waycross
 75  Queen City Lines                           Atlanta-Asheville NC
 81  Glennville & Savannah Bus & Express Line   Glennville-Savannah
112  Camel City Coach Co.                       Charleston-Savannah
114  Camel City Coach Co.                       Columbia-Augusta
115  Camel City Coach Co.                       Augusta-Belvedere
124  Colonial Stages                            Chattanooga-Atlanta
125  Colonial Stages                            Chattanooga-Atlanta
126  H. W. Southerland                          Eastman-Dublin
131  Southeastern Greyhound Lines               Chattanooga-Jacksonville
132  Camel Lines                                Augusta-Jacksonville
133  Southeastern Greyhound Lines               Atlanta-Montgomery
137  Southeastern Greyhound Lines               Chattanooga-Jacksonville
139  Hudson Motor Lines                         Valdosta-Albany
172  Southland Coach Co.                        Milledgeville-Macon
177  Colonial Stages                            Chattanooga-Atlanta
185  Chattanooga-Chickamauga Bus Line           Chickamauga-Chattanooga
199  Alabama Bus Co.                            Birmingham-Chattanooga
213  Southern Stages                            Milledgeville-Augusta
238  Neal Gap Bus Line                          Gainesville-Blairsville
243  Bainbridge-Columbus Motor Lines            Bainbridge-Columbus
255  Jacksonville-Waycross Motor Line           Waycross-Jacksonville
262  Atlantic Greyhound Lines of NC             Savannah-SC State Line
277  Dixie Bus Line                             Tifton-Fitzgerald
283  Georgia Highway Transport Co.              Thomson-Augusta
367  Camel Lines                                Augusta-Jacksonville
456  Coastal Transport Co.                      Savannah-Jacksonville
516  White Stage Line                           Augusta-Charleston
517  Coleman Motor Lines                        Tifton-Tallahassee FL-Dothan AL
521  Skyland Stages                             Augusta-Greenville SC
538  Southern Stages                            Macon-Columbus
560  Central Motor Line                         Thomaston-Americus
577  Hood Coach Lines                           Columbus-LaGrange
584  Southern Stages                            Augusta-Milledgeville
588  Transco                                    Fairburn-College Park
611  Central of Georgia Motor Transp. Co.       Savannah-Tybee
616  Georgia Highway Transport Co.              Atlanta-Social Circle
617  Blue Ridge Mountain Line                   McCaysville-Atlanta
633  Ader Coach Lines                           Albany-Cuthbert
636  Hoke O'Kelly                               Loganville-Atlanta
639  Rockmart & Rome Bus Line                   Rome-Rockmart
663  East Coast Stages                          Augusta-SC State Line
668  Alaga Coach Lines                          Columbus-Dothan AL
685  H. B. Green                                Gainesville-New Holland
694  Sumter Coach Line                          Americus-Macon
696  Georgia Motor Lines                        Washington-Augusta
705  Rome & Cedartown Bus Line                  Rome-Cedartown
718  Garden City Coach Co.                      Augusta-Savannah
719  E. H. Pace Bus Line                        Atlanta-Griffin
721  Central of Georgia Motor Transp. Co.       Savannah-Guyton
726  Macon-Brunswick Short Line                 Hawkinsville-Eastman
731  Central of Georgia Motor Transp. Co.       Atlanta-Jonesboro
733  E. H. Pace Bus Line                        Atlanta-Macon
749  W. B. Blanchard                            Waycross-Savannah
755  Columbia-Savannah Coach Line               Savannah-Columbia SC
790  Atlanta Baggage & Cab Co.                  Atlanta-Candler Field (now ATL airport)
791  Hood Coach Lines                           Chipley-Harris
802  Central of Georgia Motor Transp. Co.       Augusta-Millen
807  Ader Coach Lines                           Richland-Albany
808  Neal Gap Bus Line                          Gainesville-Atlanta
814  E. H. Pace Bus Line                        Eatonton-Griffin
820  Suwanee River Bus Line                     Douglas-Lake City FL
827  Macon-Brunswick Short Line                 Macon-Brunswick
828  Dixie Bus Line                             Hawkinsville-Alma
843  Blue Ridge Mountain Line                   Blue Ridge-Gainesville
849  Bell's Bus Line                            Waycross-Tifton
857  Interurban Transit Co.                     LaGrange-Rome
874  Athens-Gainesville Bus Line                Athens-Gainesville
901  Suburban Transit                           Macon-Aviation Field
921  Ader Coach Lines                           Columbus-Richland
951  Georgia Motor Lines                        Atlanta-Madison
952  Georgia Motor Lines                        Madison-Thomson
953  Georgia Motor Lines                        Atlanta-Athens
954  Georgia Motor Lines                        Athens-Augusta

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