Beginning in 1921, intrastate bus service was regulated by the Connecticut Public Utilities Commission. Because Connecticut is a small densely populated state, bus service generally is of a more local nature. The Connecticut Co. provided local streetcar and interurban railway service throughout much of the state, replaced with buses mostly during the 1930's and 1940's. And was the main predecessor to the state owned Connecticut Transit.

The earliest bus services were actually jitney operations. These jitney companies were listed in the 1923 Annual Report, as having certificates for operation. Missing certificate numbers represent certificates surrendered or revoked. Some of these routes eventually evolved to routes presently under the jurisdiction of Connecticut Transit.

Certificate   To Whom                                Route
No.           Issued

  1       T. J. Fenaughty                            Danbury-NY State Line
  2       David S. Rich                              Danbury-Richfield
  3       The E. J. Kelly Co.                        Litchfield-Torrington
  4       Patrick Donnelly                           Torrington Local
  5       A. Passalacqua                             Thompsonville-MA State Line
  7       Lyons Auto Co.                             Thomaston-Torrington
  8       Lyons & Lyons                              Terryville-Thomaston
  9       Congress Taxi Co.                          Bridgeport-Danbury
 10       P. A. Agostini                             New Britain Local (Arch St. Line)
 11       Mrs. Helen Muter                           New Britain Local (Stanley St. Line)
 12       J. T. Breen                                Hartford-Willimantic
 13       J. Behan                                   Middletown-Saybrook
 14       M. Baldelli                                New London-Niantic
 15       Goodyear Cotton Mills                      Dayville-Goodyear
 16       M. Baldelli                                New London-Sub Base
 17       S. Toth & Son                              Collinsville-Unionville
 18       Waterbury Jitney & Taxi Co.                New Haven-Saybrook
 19       C. L. Waters                               High Ridge-Stamford
 20       R. S. Elzea                                Cranbury-Norwalk
 21       S. W. Miller                               Long Ridge-Stamford
 22       L. Noruszewicz                             Waterbury Local
 23       Winsted-Hartford Jitney Association        Hartford-Winsted
 24       Bunker Hill Trans. Co.                     Waterbury Local
 25       Storrs Garage                              Storrs-Willimantic
 26       Waterbury Jitneys & Taxis                  New Haven-Bethany-Waterbury
 27       Ernest Nyquist                             New Britain Local (E. Main St. Line)
 28       Orange Street Bus Line                     New Britain Local (Orange St. Line)
 30       Willimantic-Hartford Jitney Association    Hartford-Willimantic
 98       C. H. Randall                              Bridgeport-Long Hill-Monroe
100       F. Chardas                                 Bridgeport-Huntington Town Line
102       Leo N. Potvin                              Moosup-Plainfield
105       Northeastern Transportation Co.            Waterbury Local (E. Main St. Line)
107       H. J. Barnett                              Danielson-Willimantic
108       W. C. Brown                                Canaan-MA State Line
109       Affron & Walker                            Canaan-Winsted
111       Bridgeport-Waterbury Passenger Service     Bridgeport-Waterbury
113       M. Baldelli                                Norwich-Sub Base
115       T. E. Wagner                               New Britain Local
117       Nick Mooney                                Norwich-Pawcatuck
118       Central Bus Corp.                          Bridgeport Local (Routes E and M)
119       C. C. Wells                                Bridgeport-Trumbull
120       J. Dececca                                 Banksville-Greenwich
123       C. H. Abbey                                Riversville-NY State Line
124       Bunker Hill Trans. Co.                     Litchfield-Waterbury
126       L. LeClair                                 Naugatuck Local
129       Connecticut Motor Trans. Co.               Hartford-Colchester-New London
130       D. Waluk                                   New Britain Local
131       Willimantic & Stafford Springs B&W         Stafford Springs-Willimantic
136       D. S. Rich                                 New Canaan-Ridgefield
137       G. J. Gary                                 Staffordville-Stafford Springs
141       T. L. Haynes                               New London-Sound View
146       Gray Line Bus Corp.                        D, D-1 and M-2, Bridgeport
147       Bridgeport Auto Transit Co.                B-Barnum Ave., Bridgeport
148       White Line Bus Corp.                       C and C-1, North Main, Bridgeport
149       L. J. Ackerman                             Greenwich-Round Hill
150       The Blue Ribbon Line                       Moosup-RI State Line
151       Beatrice I. Coyle                          Meadows End-Merwin's Point
152       H. J. Barnett                              Danielson-RI State Line
153       Connecticut Motor Truck Co.                Colchester-Norwich
154       Edward W. Markham                          East Hampton-Marlboro
155       A. L. Hugins                               Canaan-Millerton, NY State Line
157       John B. Ethridge                           Eastford-Willimantic

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