Bi-State Transit General Motors "New Look" bus #8207, built in Canada in 1981, in the suburb of Clayton, still in service in 1999.

Typical Bi-State Transit Flxible bus in service in 1999, in the suburb of Clayton.

Bi-State Transit eventually settled on Gillig Phantoms, and adopted a new red white and blue paint scheme. A typical 40 foot Phantom, #3169 built in 2001, is seen in 2010 at the Civic Center terminal in downtown St. Louis, on route #40.

Bi-State Transit also acquired some 30 foot Gillig Phantoms, including #2141, built in 2000. Bus is also seen at the Civic Center terminal in 2012, on route #80. Visible to the left is the train shed from the old Union Station.

Bi-State Transit 30 foot Gillig Phantom #2122, also built in 2000, has been repainted for a Downtown Trolley route. Bus is seen at the Civic Center terminal in 2012. Somehow, this approach towards a bus simulating a trolley seems more honest, than the "fake trolleys" which have become too popular in too many areas.

In recent years, Bi-State Transit has gone to low floor Gilligs, including this 40 foot model seen at the Civic Center terminal in 2012, on route #73.

Bi-State Transit 35 foot low floor Gillig #6610, at the Maplewood light rail station in 2012, on route #2.