Prior to 1984, all transit buses in the Twin Cities were New Look types from the 1970's, except for a few M.A.N. articulated buses. Mostly Flxibles, with some AM Generals. The front of one of the Flxibles made it to the storefront window of the Metro Transit information office in downtown Minneapolis. 719 is not the bus number, but refers to the address at 719 Marquette Avenue. And when in service, the Flxibles were actually painted a solid dark red.

Between 1984 and 1988, 308 M.A.N. Americana buses were acquired. All have since been retired. Five retired buses eventually showed up in Chicago, numbered 1355, 1389, 1390, 1391, and 1428. Metro Transit was offering the buses "as is", for $100 each, and evidently a church on Chicago's south side acquired them. The buses have been seen parked a short distance southeast of the Garfield/Dan Ryan rapid transit station.

Bus 1355 was lettered for Maple Grove Transit, a suburban operation which actually was operated under contract by Metro Transit.

Beginning in 1989, Metro Transit began acquiring exclusively Gillig Phantom buses for its standard 40 foot bus fleet. A typical Gillig is seen in downtown Minneapolis.

New Flyer supplied Metro Transit with its articulated buses. A typical high floor articulated bus is seen in downtown Minneapolis. Metro Transit later acquired some low floor articulated buses from New Flyer.

A typical Gillig Phantom lettered for Maple Grove Transit, seen in downtown Minneapolis.