Zoomable Google Maps showing all railroads in the Chicago area. Also shown are present and past railroad junctions, crossings, and towers. In Illinois, also shown are present and past railroad roundhouses and turntables.




Chicago/Far South

Cook County/North Shore

Cook County/North

Cook County/Northwest

Cook County/West-North

Cook County/West-South

Cook County/Southwest

Cook County/South

Cook County/Far South

Du Page County

Kane County/North

Kane County/South

Lake County/South

Lake County/North

McHenry County/Southeast

McHenry County/Northeast

McHenry County/Northwest

Will County/Northeast

Will County/Southeast

Will County/Southwest

Will County/Northwest

Lake County IN/Northwest

Lake County IN/Southwest

Lake County IN/Northeast

Lake County IN/Southeast

Porter County IN/North

Porter County IN/South

Not covered are CTA rapid transit lines, and abandoned electric interurban lines. Not shown are certain interlockings, often short lived, with limited histories and where the exact locations could not be verified. Also not included are drawbridges which were not interlocked.

Roundhouses were usually located near the downtown Chicago passenger terminals, and at railroad freight yards. These are where locomotives were turned and serviced. In addition, turntables were formerly located in various suburbs, where commuter trains turned. With the adoption of push pull trains on what is now Metra, these turntables are no longer necessary. Not all locations had turntables. Either locomotives were generally bidirectional switchers not requiring turning, or wye tracks existed for turning trains or locomotives.