The old Southern Railway used to occasionally operate steam powered excursion trains, over its main lines. On May 31, 1980, I rode such an excursion train from Knoxville to Oneida TN. The locomotive was the old Canadian Pacific "Royal Hudson" locomotive #2839, built in 1938. Much of the route is part of a main line between Cincinnati and Atlanta, which impressively passes more "over" the hills, instead of using a more typical route through river valleys. This route used to have the nickname "Rathole Division", with many tunnels. But many of the tunnels have been eliminated.

Prior to departure from Knoxville. The train would proceed north and west over a secondary main line to Harriman, where it would join the main line between Cincinnati and Atlanta.

Dossett, which is northwest of Knoxville, and not far from Oak Ridge. Oak Ridge was established as a "secret" city during WW II, where much work was done in development of the nuclear bomb.

Near Poplar, further west.

Rounding a curve near Oakdale, having joined the main line north towards Cincinnati.

At Oneida, where we would have a few hours before the train would return south.

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