CN's 2009 acquisition of the Elgin Joliet & Eastern Railway (EJ&E), would require construction of an elaborate new connection at Matteson, where the EJ&E line passed under CN's former Illinois Central (IC) main line. This connection would involve a "double wye", northeast of where the lines crossed. Construction began in 2010, and was completed in late 2011. A visit to the area was made on March 17, 2012.

The connection consists of three separate dispatcher controlled interlockings. "Swede" is the wye connection with the former IC main line, and is visible from the Matteson Metra station platform. "Lowe" is the wye connection with the former EJ&E main line, and is partially visible from the Main St. crossing south of the Metra station. There is also a "Harris" interlocking on the former IC main line, between Matteson and Richton Park, which is the junction with a "southeast quadrant" connecting track.

Looking northeast from the Matteson Metra station, towards the north switch of Swede interlocking.

Looking south from the Matteson Metra station, towards the south switch of Swede interlocking.

Looking straight east from the Matteson Metra station, where the two wye connections from the former IC continue down and towards the right, to form the two wye connections with the former EJ&E. Visible are the backs of signals at Swede interlocking, at that location is a right hand crossover. The connecting track with Harris interlocking makes a left hand crossover unnecessary here.

Main St. in Matteson proceeds south and crosses the former EJ&E. View is looking southwest across the former EJ&E, towards the connecting track leading up to Harris interlocking. The former IC main line is visible on the embankment, visible are catenary supports for the Metra Electric yard.

Looking east from Main St., the double track former EJ&E main line is to the left, and the connecting track from Harris interlocking is to the right. Straight ahead is Lowe interlocking, which is difficult to access.

Looking west from Main St., where the former EJ&E main line crosses under the former IC.

A "zoom camera" view from the Richton Park Metra station, looking northeast towards Harris interlocking. Immediately to the left of the telephone pole, the rear of a freight train is visible, descending towards the former EJ&E.