In October 2006, I travelled with my girlfriend to Toronto and southern Ontario. Toronto is of course a great transit city, and a great city for transit geeks to visit. The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) continues to operate streetcars, along with subways and buses. And the TTC is a great way for a couple of ordinary tourists like us to get around. While naturally also enjoyable for the transit geek part of me, with the photographic opportunities.

Amtrak and Via Rail Canada became our intercity travel choice for this trip. Because the through train between Chicago and Toronto via Port Huron/Sarnia had been discontinued, we had to go through Detroit/Windsor, stopping overnight at Dearborn both ways. And except for a late night taxicab ride from the Amtrak station in Dearborn, all travel was by train and public transportation.


Windsor has an interesting bus system. Transit Windsor also operates the "Tunnel Bus", an international route which actually gives downtown Detroit THREE public transit systems. The following photos were taken upon arrival at Windsor, the afternoon of October 2, 2006.

MCI Classic.

Nova low floor model.

A new Orion VII model, with advertising.

Unfortunately, I did not have time to photograph a GM New Look bus at the terminal, before riding the Tunnel Bus back to America a few days later. The Tunnel Bus we rode was crowded with hockey fans on their way to a Detroit Red Wings game.

Niagara Falls

This was a one day side trip from Toronto by train, on October 4, 2006. The train station is some distance from the actual Falls. But with four Niagara Transit bus routes in the area, service was every 15 minutes.

MCI Classic.

A new Orion VII model.

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