Interlockings, as reported by the Railroad Commissioner, State of Wisconsin.

The year around 1900 might be approximate.

Lines involved are generally identified by historic division (Div.), subdivision (SD), district (Dist.), or branch (Br.). Where a branch is identified with a railroad and not a name, it typically might be an industrial spur or another line with an uncertain identity. Some cities had belt railroad lines, whose routes are also uncertain.

Electric street or interurban railways are identified by "elec.", those railways generally are not covered here except where "steam" railroads are also involved. Also noted are certain interlockings involving logging railroads and other railroads which did not survive long.

Some of the more obscure railroads and lines, are described at the bottom of this page.

Several larger cities had multiple interlocking towers. Because of historic inconsistencies in naming of interlockings and other factors, the locations are not always certain.


Ranney  CMSP&P C&M SD/C&NW Farm SD


Tower BA (Milwaukee)  C&NW Milwaukee Div./CMSP&P Br.
Washington Street (Milwaukee)  CMSP&P C&M SD/C&NW Madison Div.
Allis (Milwaukee)  C&NW Milwaukee Div./C&NW Madison Div.


Duplainville  CMSP&P La Crosse Div./SOO (WC)


NW Tower (Fond Du Lac)  CMSP&P Fond Du Lac SD/C&NW Lake Shore Div.


Camp Douglas  CMSP&P La Crosse Div./C&NW (CSPM&O)
Medary Jct.  CMSP&P La Crosse Div./C&NW Winona SD


Eau Claire
Holmes  Holmes Logging Ry./CMSP&P Channing Line
Grand Crossing (La Crosse)  CMSP&P La Crosse Div./CB&Q


Racine Jct.  C&NW Milwaukee Div./CMSP&P R&SW Line


Hilbert  SOO Manitowoc SD/CMSP&P Plymouth SD
Monona Yard (Madison)  C&NW Madison SD East Wye/CMSP&P M&P SD
Midland Crossing  CMSP&P Fond Du Lac SD/SOO (WC)


Central Ave. (Superior)
Ashland Jct.  C&NW (CSPM&O)/Minneapolis St. Paul & Ashland Railroad (logging)


Valley Jct.  C&NW (CSPM&O)/CMSP&P Babcock Br.


Elroy  C&NW Madison SD/C&NW (CSPM&O)
Winona Jct.  CB&Q/C&NW Winona SD


Eau Claire  C&NW (CSPM&O) drawbridge
Burnham Slip (Milwaukee)  CMSP&P drawbridge
Rice Lake  C&NW (CSPM&O) Itasca SD/SOO Rice Lake Line
Madison (Monona Tower)  CMSP&P Madison SD/C&NW Madison SD
Bardwell  CMSP&P Fox Lake SD/CMSP&P R&SW Line
Nash  C&NW (CSPM&O)/Ashland Siskiwit & Iron River Logging Railroad (logging)
Genoa City  C&NW Farm SD/C&NW Williams Bay SD


Bancroft  C&NW Marshline SD/SOO Portage Line
Wisconsin Rapids  C&NW Marshline SD/SOO  (2 miles north of town)
Fond Du Lac  CMSP&P Fond Du Lac SD/C&NW Clyman SD
Janesville  CMSP&P Fox Lake SD/C&NW Janesville Belt
Turtle Lake  SOO/C&NW (CSPM&O)  electric
Cameron  C&NW (CSPM&O) Itasca SD/SOO


Itasca  C&NW (CSPM&O)/NP
Chippewa Falls  C&NW (CSPM&O) Itasca SD/(CSPM&O)/SOO (WC)
Shepherd  C&NW (CSPM&O)/Black River Falls Loop
Wright (Levis)  C&NW (CSPM&O)/Black River Falls Loop
Trevino  CB&Q/CMSP&P Chippewa Valley Div.
Prairie Du Chien (Crawford)  CB&Q/CMSP&P Prairie SD
Milwaukee (Grand Avenue)  CMSP&P
Lake Shore Junction (Milwaukee)  C&NW Wisconsin Div./C&NW Lake Shore Div.