Interlockings, as registered with the Railroad Commission of Indiana at the time of the the 1908 Annual Report.

Lines involved are generally identified by historic division (Div.), subdivision (SD), district (Dist.), or branch (Br.). Where a branch is identified with a railroad and not a name, it typically might be an industrial spur or another line with an uncertain identity.

Electric street or interurban railways are identified by "elec.", those railways generally are not covered here except where "steam" railroads are also involved. The more important electric railways in Indiana were Fort Wayne & Wabash Valley Traction (FW&WV), Interstate Public Service (IPS), Terre Haute Indianapolis & Eastern Traction (THI&E), Union Traction (UT), Winona Railroad.

Some of the more obscure railroads and lines, are described at the bottom of this page.

Several larger cities had multiple interlocking towers. Because of historic inconsistencies in naming of interlockings and other factors, the locations are not always certain.

Abbott  CMSP&P Sullivan Br./NYC Terre Haute-Evansville Line
Air Line  PRR Panhandle/MON
Alida  B&O Chicago Div./MON Michigan City Br.
Anderson  UT (elec.)/CI/NYC Marion Dist.
Anderson (west)  PRR Anderson Belt/NYC
Delco (Anderson)  PRR Richmond Br./NYC Ohio Div./CI
CI Crossing (Anderson)  NYC Ohio Div./CI
Avilla  PRR GR&I Line/B&O Chicago Div.
Bluffton  FW&WV (elec.)/NKP Cloverleaf Dist.
Bolivar  Erie/NYC Marion Dist.
Brazil  PRR St. Louis Div./C&EI Indiana Line
Burnett  NYC Illinois Div./C&EI Brazil SD
WB Tower (Butler)  NYC Toledo Div./WAB
Calumet (East Chicago)  IHB Indiana Harbor Line/B&OCT/EJ&E Br.
Carbon  NYC Illinois Div./CI
Carmel  UT (elec.)/MON Indianapolis Br.
Cayuga  C&EI/NKP Cloverleaf Dist.
Cedar  FW&WV (elec.)/PRR Butler Br.
Clarks Hill  NKP Cloverleaf Dist./NYC Indiana Div.
Clarke Jct.  PRR/B&OCT
Clark Jct.  B&O
Clay City  MON I&L Br./NYC Terre Haute-Evansville Line
Clymers  WAB/PRR Indianapolis Div./FW&WV (elec.)
Coal Bluff  NYC Illinois Div./C&EI Indiana Line
Cochran  B&O St. Louis Div.
Colfax  NYC Indiana Div./PRR Crawfordsville Br.
Vandale (Columbia City)  PRR Fort Wayne Div./PRR Butler Br.
Cottage Grove  B&O Indianapolis SD/C&O Miami SD
Ames (Crawfordsville)  NYC Peoria & Eastern Line/MON/PRR Crawfordsville Br.
Crocker  WAB Gary Dist./EJ&E Porter Line
DA Tower (Decatur)  Erie/NKP Cloverleaf Dist./PRR GR&I Line
De Long  Erie/PRR South Bend Br.
Delphi  WAB/MON Indianapolis Br.
Dewey (Terre Haute)  CMSP&P Terre Haute Div./C&EI
Dillon  WAB Gary Dist./NKP Indianapolis Div.
Dundee  NKP LE&W Main/UT (elec.)
Dunreith  PRR Columbus Div./NKP New Castle Div.-Rushville Br.
Dyer  MON/EJ&E/NYC Joliet Br.
East Chicago (5 interlockings)  several railroads
Fairmount  PRR Muncie Br./NYC Marion Dist.
Fair Oaks  MON/C&EI Indiana Line
Junction (Fort Wayne)  PRR Fort Wayne Div./NKP New Castle Dist./NYC Fort Wayne Br.
Fowlerton  C&O Miami SD/PRR Muncie Br.
Frankfort  THI&E (elec.)/MON Indianapolis Br.
Gibson  IHB
CX Tower (Goshen)  NYC Toledo Div./NYC Marion Dist.
Grand Crossing (South Bend)  GTW/NYC Kankakee Br./South Bend Br./NJI&I
Grasselli  IHB Indiana Harbor Line/EJ&E Whiting Line
Greencastle  NYC Illinois Div./MON
Greensburg  NYC Indiana Div./NYC Michigan Br.
Gridley (Anderson)  NYC Ohio Div./PRR Richmond Br./CI
Griffith  EJ&E/Erie/NYC Joliet Br./GTW/C&O Wabash SD
Hamlet  PRR Fort Wayne Div./NYC Kankakee Br.
HY Tower (Hammond)  Erie/C&O Wabash SD
Hammond  MON/IHB
Hohman Avenue (Hammond)  IHB/MON/Erie/NKP
Hammond  MON//C&O Wabash SD
CA Tower (Hammond)  Erie/NKP
Handy  NYC Danville Line/NKP LE&W Main
Hanna  PRR Fort Wayne Div./C&O La Crosse SD
Hartsdale  PRR Panhandle/EJ&E/NYC Joliet Br.
Hays  NYC Danville Line/GTW
Highland  NYC Danville Line/Erie/C&O Wabash SD
Hillsdale  C&EI/B&O Decatur SD
Bart (Hobart)  EJ&E Porter Line/PRR Fort Wayne Div.
Hobart  EJ&E Porter Line/NKP
Hoover  PRR Butler Br./C&O Wabash SD
Hugo (Fort Wayne)  WAB/NKP New Castle Dist.
Huntington  Erie/WAB
Indiana Harbor  NYC Western Div./B&OCT/IHB Indiana Harbor Line
Indiana Harbor  PRR Fort Wayne Div./IHB Indiana Harbor Line
Indianapolis  IU/NYC Ohio Div.
Brightwood (Belt Jct.) (Indianapolis)  NYC Ohio Div./IU
IU Tower (Indianapolis)  IU
DX Tower (Indianapolis)  NYC Ohio Div./IU
Massachusetts Ave. (Indianapolis)  NYC Ohio Div./NKP Indianapolis Div./MON Indianapolis Br.
BX Tower (Indianapolis)  NYC Illinois Div./IU
Woods (Indianapolis)  PRR Indianapolis Div./IU
IJ Tower (Indianapolis)  NYC Indiana Div./B&O Decatur SD/NYC Peoria & Eastern Line/IU
Ivanhoe  EJ&E/NYC Porter SD
Jackson (Clinton)  C&EI
Big Four Bridge (Jeffersonville)  NYC Louisville Line/IPS (elec.)
Jeffersonville  PRR Indianapolis Div./B&O Louisville SD/NYC Louisville Line
X Tower (Boyd)  B&O Louisville SD/PRR Indianapolis Div.
Kendallville  NYC Toledo Div./PRR GR&I Line
Kentland  PRR Effner Br./NYC Danville Line
Kersey  C&WV/NYC Kankakee Br.
Kewanna  PRR South Bend Br./C&O Wabash SD
Kingsland  Erie/FW&WV (elec.)
Kingsland  Erie/NKP New Castle Dist.
Kouts  PRR Panhandle/Erie
Knox  NKP/NYC Kankakee Br.
La Crosse  PRR Panhandle/MON Michigan City Br./C&O La Crosse SD/C&EI La Crosse Branch
QN Tower (La Crosse)  C&O Wabash SD/PRR Panhandle/MON Michigan City Br./C&O La Crosse SD
Lafayette Jct.  NKP LE&W Main/WAB/MON
Lagro  FW&WV (elec.)/WAB industrial
Lakeville  PRR South Bend Br./WAB Gary Dist.
La Otto  PRR GR&I Line/PRR Butler Br.
La Paz Jct.  PRR South Bend Br./B&O Chicago Div.
WR Tower (La Porte)  NYC Western Div./NKP Indianapolis Div.
JD Tower (La Porte)  NYC Western Div./C&O La Crosse SD
Lawrenceburg  B&O St. Louis Div./NYC Aurora Br.
Dearborn (Lawrenceburg)  NYC Aurora Br./B&O St. Louis Div.
Limedale (Greencastle)  PRR St. Louis Div./MON
Liverpool  PRR Fort Wayne Div./NYC Joliet Br.
Van (Logansport)  PRR Panhandle
Losantville  C&O Miami SD/NYC Springfield Br.
Lydick  NYC Western Div./NYC Br.
Magee  WAB Gary Dist./C&O La Crosse SD
Marion  NYC Marion Dist./UT (elec.)
Maynard  PRR Panhandle/GTW
GT Crossing (Maynard)  MON/GTW
McCool  EJ&E Porter Line/B&O Chicago Div.
McKeen (Terre Haute)  CMSP&P/C&EI
Michigan City Drawbridge  NYC Michigan Div.
Michigan City  NYC Michigan Div./MON Michigan City Br.
Round House (Michigan City)  MON Michigan City Br./C&O Grand Rapids SD
Midland  MON I&L Br./CMSP&P Terre Haute Div.
Milan  B&O St. Louis Div.
Milford Jct.  NYC Marion Dist./B&O Chicago Div./Winona (elec.)
Miller  NYC Western Div. Old Line/B&O Chicago Div.
Montpelier  NKP New Castle Dist./UT (elec.)
Morocco  NYC Danville Line/C&EI Indiana Line
Muncie  NKP New Castle Dist./UT (elec.)
Muncie  NKP LE&W Main/NYC Ohio Div.
Vance (Muncie)  NYC Ohio Div./NKP LE&W Main/C&O Miami SD/Muncie Belt
Drew (Muncie)  C&O Miami SD/PRR Muncie Br.
NE Tower (New Haven/Fort Wayne)  NKP/WAB
New Paris  WAB Gary Dist./NYC Marion Dist./Winona (elec.)
Newton (Bolivar)  Erie/PRR Butler Br.
North Judson  Erie/C&O Wabash SD/PRR Panhandle/NYC Kankakee Br.
QN Tower (North Liberty)  NYC Kankakee Br./WAB Gary Dist.
Olivers (South Bend)  GTW/NYC St. Joseph Br.
Osborn  IHB Indiana Harbor Line/NKP
Otis  NYC Western Div./MON Michigan City Br.
Otter Creek Jct. (Terre Haute)  C&EI/PRR Crawfordsville Br.
Oxford  C&EI Indiana Line/NKP LE&W Main
Peru  C&O Wabash SD/NKP Indianapolis Div.
Pine  B&O/PM
Pine  NYC/PM
Plymouth  PRR Fort Wayne Div./NKP Indianapolis Div.
PO Tower (Porter)  NYC Western Div./NYC Michigan Div./C&O Grand Rapids SD
Preston (Terre Haute)  PRR Crawfordsville Br./NYC Illinois Div./CMSP&P Terre Haute Div.
Ridgeville  PRR Logansport Div./PRR GR&I Line
RS Tower (Rochester)  Erie/NKP Indianapolis Div.
Rosedale  PRR Crawfordsville Br./C&EI Indiana Line
St. Joe  B&O Chicago Div./WAB
St. John  MON/NYC Danville Line
Schneider  NYC Danville Line/NYC Kankakee Br.
Sheff  NYC Danville Line/NYC Indiana Div.
Shelby  MON/NYC Kankakee Br.
Shelbyville  NYC Indiana Div./PRR Shelbyville Br.
Sloan  NYC Danville Line/IC Rantoul Dist.
South Bend  NYC Western Div./GTW
South Bend  NYC Western Div./NYC Kankakee Br.
South Whitley  PRR Butler Br./NKP
Beehunter (Sponsler)  CMSP&P Terre Haute Div./PRR Vincennes Br.
Spriggsboro (Valparaiso)  GTW/PRR Fort Wayne Div./NKP
Spring Hill (Terre Haute)  CMSP&P Terre Haute Div./NYC Terre Haute-Evansville Line
Steubenville  WAB Gary Dist./NYC Fort Wayne Br.
Stewart  NYC Danville Line/C&EI Judyville SD
Swanington  NYC Indiana Div./C&EI Indiana Line
Templeton  NYC Indiana Div./NKP LE&W Main
Haley (Terre Haute)  C&EI/NYC Illinois Div.
Tolleston  NYC Porter SD/PRR Fort Wayne Div.
Van Loon  EJ&E/NKP
Veedersburg  NYC Peoria & Eastern Line/NKP Cloverleaf Dist.
Veedersburg  NKP Cloverleaf Dist./C&EI Indiana Line
Walkerton  B&O Chicago Div./NKP Indianapolis Div./NYC Kankakee Br.
Wanatah  PRR Fort Wayne Div./MON Michigan City Br.
Warsaw  PRR Fort Wayne Div./NYC Marion Dist.
Waterloo  NYC Toledo Div./NYC Fort Wayne Br.
Wellsboro  B&O Chicago Div./GTW/C&O La Crosse SD
Westfield  MON Indianapolis Br./CI
MS Tower (Whiting)  NYC Western Div./B&OCT
Whiting  PRR Fort Wayne Div./B&OCT
Wilders  Erie/MON Michigan City Br.
Willow Creek  NYC Porter SD/B&O Chicago Div./WAB Gary Dist.
Winchester  NYC Ohio Div./PRR GR&I Line
Wolcottville  WAB Gary Dist./PRR GR&I Line
Wolf Lake  PRR Br./IHB Br.

Obscure Railroads And Lines

Some of the more obscure railroads and lines, not covered in the basic pages covering the main lines in the area.

C&WV Chicago & Wabash Valley Railroad
Main Line Kersey-McCoysburg