Interlockings, as registered with the Railroad and Warehouse Commission of Illinois. From 1889 to 1913, the earliest interlockings were registered with the Railroad and Warehouse Commission of Illinois, and assigned numbers in the order of registration. The Railroad and Warehouse Commission was later succeeded by the Illinois Public Utility Commission, and now the Illinois Commerce Commission. List is from various Annual Reports of the Commission.

Lines involved are generally identified by historic division (Div.), subdivision (SD), district (Dist.), or branch (Br.). Where a branch is identified with a railroad and not a name, it typically might be an industrial spur or another line with an uncertain identity.

Electric street or interurban railways are identified by "elec.", those railways generally are not covered here except where "steam" railroads are also involved. The more important electric railways in Illinois were Chicago Aurora & Elgin (CA&E), Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee (CNS&M), and Illinois Terminal (IT).

Some of the more obscure railroads and lines, are described at the bottom of this page.

Several larger cities had multiple interlocking towers. Information has been verified for the Chicago and St. Louis areas. But in other cities, because of historic inconsistencies in naming of interlockings and other factors, the locations are not always certain.


180  Colvin Park  IC Iowa Div./C&NW Troy Grove SD
181  Altamont  PRR St. Louis Div./B&O Springfield SD
182  Tuscola  IC/C&EI/B&O Decatur SD
183  Wood River  C&A/NYC Old Line/IT (elec.)
184  Otto  IC
185  Rantoul  IC
186  Effingham  IC/PRR St. Louis Div.
187  Galena  IC Iowa Div./CB&Q Br. including drawbridge
188  Sangamon Avenue (Chicago)  C&NW
189  Downing (Mackinaw)  NYC Peoria & Eastern Line/PRR Peoria Br.
190  Bronson  NYC Peoria & Eastern Line/C&EI Brothers SD/IT (elec.)
191  Englewood (Chicago)  PRR/CRI&P
192  Strawn  WAB Chicago-Decatur/IC Bloomington Dist.
193  Gibson City  IC Gilman SD/WAB Chicago-Decatur/NKP LE&W Main
194  Reddick  WAB Chicago-Decatur/NYC Kankakee Br.
195  Arcola  IC/PRR Peoria Br.
196  Kedzie (Chicago)  CB&Q
197  Hollis (Peoria)  PT/P&PU/TP&W/C&NW Peoria SD
198  Davis (Cairo)  GM&O
199  Streator  AT&SF/WAB Streator Br.
200  Carlinville  C&A
201  Girard  CB&Q Beardstown SD/C&A
202  Cummings Bridge (Chicago)  NKP
203  Sterling  C&NW Geneva SD/CB&Q Shabbona & Sterling SD
204  15th Street (Chicago)  C&WI
205  16th Street (Chicago)  C&WI
206  Ridgely  C&A/C&IM
207  Athol  C&A/IC Peoria SD/IT (elec.)
208  Sycamore  CGW/C&NW Troy Grove SD
209  Tamms  C&EI/GM&O
210  Holcomb  CGW/CB&Q Rockford & Flag Center SD
211  Brighton  C&A/CB&Q Beardstown & St. Louis SD
212  Iowa Jct. (Peoria)  PT/CB&Q Peoria SD
213  Byron  CMSP&P Davenport SD/CGW
214  West Roodhouse  C&A Jacksonville Line/CB&Q Beardstown & St. Louis SD


215  Neoga  IC/NKP Cloverleaf Dist.
216  Mt. Pulaski  IC Gilman SD/IC Peoria SD
217  Oaktown (Karnak)  NYC Cairo Br./C&EI Joppa SD
218  Starne (Springfield)  IC Gilman SD/WAB Springfield Dist./IT (elec.)
219  JA Tower (West Chicago)  EJ&E/C&NW Belvidere SD
220  Hebron  CMSP&P Fox Lake SD/C&NW Farm SD
221  Lodge  WAB Chicago-Decatur/IC Havana Dist.
222  Toluca Jct. (Custer)  C&A Washington Br./RT&N
223  Whitehall  C&A Carrollton Line/CB&Q Beardstown & St. Louis SD
224  Scovel (Saunemin)  WAB Chicago-Decatur/IC Pontiac Dist.
225  CR Tower (Calumet River) (Chicago)  B&OCT
226  Wann  C&A/NYC Old Line
227  South Deering (Chicago)  C&WI
228  16th Street (Chicago)  CRI&P/IC Iowa Div.
229  Fox Lake Draw  CMSP&P Fox Lake SD
230  South Joliet  C&A
231  Essex  WAB Chicago-Decatur/NYC Kankakee & Seneca Br.
232  Godfrey  C&A
233  Shattuc  B&O St. Louis Div./CB&Q Beardstown SD
234  Odin  IC/B&O St. Louis Div.
235  De Kalb  C&NW Geneva SD
236  Willows  PRR St. Louis Div./B&O St. Louis Div./SR V&C Line/TRRA
237  Lawrenceville Jct.  B&O St. Louis Div./NYC Cairo Br.


238  O'Fallon  B&O St. Louis Div./L&N Evansville Div.
239  Walnut Jct.  C&NW Peoria SD/CB&Q Mendota & Denrock SD
240  Peoria  PT/C&NW Peoria SD
241  West Nelson  C&NW Geneva SD
242  Sandoval  B&O St. Louis Div./IC Clinton Dist.
243  S Tower  (Winstanley Park/East St. Louis)  TRRA/SR St. Louis Div.
244  C&I Junction  CB&Q Aurora SD/C&NW Troy Grove SD
245  Chenoa  C&A/TP&W
246  Rockwell Street (Chicago)  B&OCT/PRR Panhandle/C&NW Rockwell SD
247  Elsdon (Chicago)  IHB Stock Yards Line/AT&SF Br.
248  Lincoln  C&A/IC Havana Dist.
249  Buda  C&NW Peoria SD/CB&Q Yates City SD
250  Minier  PRR Peoria Br./C&A Jacksonville Line
251  Pekin  P&PU/PT/NYC Peoria & Eastern Line
252  Mason City  IC Havana Dist./C&A Jacksonville Line
253  Cairo Jct. (Bridge Jct.)  IC/GM&O
254  Ashland  C&A Jacksonville Line/B&O Springfield SD
255  Cherry Valley  C&NW Belvidere SD/Rockford & Interurban Railway (elec.)
256  Galena Jct.  CB&Q Aurora SD/CGW
257  Polk Street (Chicago)  B&OCT
258  Bixby (Milstadt Jct.)  GM&O/MP Chester SD
259  Lostant  NYC Kankakee Br./IC Amboy Dist.
260  Atlanta  C&A/PRR Peoria Br.
261  Pawnee Jct. (Cimic)  IC Gilman SD/C&IM


262  Fordyce  MP/IC  not located
263  Charleston  NYC Illinois Div./NKP Cloverleaf Dist.
264  East Alton  NYC Old Line
265  Calumet River Drawbridge  PRR
266  Lawndale (Chicago)  IC Iowa Div./IN
267  Nelson  C&NW Geneva SD
268  State Street (Chicago)  C&WI
269  52nd Avenue (Chicago)  Metropolitan West Side Elevated Railroad (CTA)/CA&E
270  Kankakee Jct.  IC/NYC Indiana Div./NYC Kankakee Br.
271  Ashdale  CMSP&P Davenport SD
272  Calumet River Jct. (Chicago)  PRR  possibly part of #104/#394
273  Gilman  IC/TP&W
274  Keithsburg  M&SL drawbridge
275  Forest Park  B&OCT Altenheim SD/CGW/SOO/CA&E (elec.)
276  Mount Olive  C&NW Staunton SD/IC Springfield Dist.
277  Chillicothe  AT&SF drawbridge


278  Mendota  CB&Q Mendota SD/IC Amboy Dist./CMSP&P Rochelle & Southern Line
279  Portage  IC Iowa Div./CB&Q Aurora SD
280  River Jct. (Chicago)  C&NW Skokie SD/C&NW Weber SD
281  Lake Bluff  C&NW Kenosha SD
282  Beech Ridge  IC Murphysboro Dist./GM&O
283  Gillespie  C&NW Madison SD/NYC Old Line
284  Steward  CB&Q Aurora SD/CMSP&P Rochelle & Southern Line
285  Ayres (Plum River/Savanna)  CB&Q Barstow SD/CMSP&P Savanna-Moline
286  Collinsville  PRR St. Louis Div.
287  North Springfield  C&IM
288  North Reddick  WAB Chicago-Decatur/IC Tracy Br.
289  Lotus  WAB Chicago-Decatur/IC Rantoul Dist.
290  Arthur  C&EI/PRR Peoria Br.
291  Woodland Jct.  C&EI
292  Pinckneyville  MP Pinckneyville SD/IC St. Louis SD
293  Kenney  IC Gilman SD/PRR Peoria Br.
294  Pequot  AT&SF/C&A Pequot SD
295  Fort Madison  AT&SF drawbridge
296  SH Tower (Madison)  TRRA
297  Lenox  C&A/NYC Illinois Div.
298  Findlay Jct.  C&EI
299  McNabb Jct.  NYC Kankakee Br./RT&N


300  Glover  C&EI/NYC Peoria & Eastern Line/IT (elec.)
301  Coulterville  IC St. Louis SD/MP Sparta SD
302  Green Ridge  C&NW Madison SD/C&A
303  DeKalb Jct.  C&NW Troy Grove SD/CMSP&P Illinois Iowa & Minnesota Line
304  Kedzie (Chicago)  C&NW Geneva SD
305  Wilkinson  CGW/CMSP&P Illinois Iowa & Minnesota Line
306  Champaign  IC/NYC Peoria & Eastern Line/WAB Champaign Br.
307  Dean (Bloomington)  NYC Peoria & Eastern Line/NKP LE&W Main/IC Amboy Dist.
308  Ebner  CB&Q Barstow SD/CMSP&P Savanna-Moline
309  Pana  NYC Illinois Div./C&EI Pana SD/B&O Springfield SD/IC Clinton Dist.
310  Tower JN (Melrose Park)  C&NW Geneva SD
311  Tower HM (Elmhurst)  C&NW Geneva SD
312  Centreville  C&A Pequot SD/EJ&E Illinois River SD  deactivated around 1912
313  Farmer City  IC Gilman SD/NYC Peoria & Eastern Line
314  Belleville  SR St. Louis Div./L&N Evansville Div.
315  Ada Street (Chicago)  C&NW
316  Green Street (Chicago)  C&NW


317  Valley Jct.  TRRA/MP Chester SD/IC St. Louis SD/A&S
318  Upton  C&NW Milwaukee SD/EJ&E
319  Manhattan  WAB Chicago-Decatur/CMSP&P Illinois Iowa & Minnesota Line
320  Skokie  C&NW Skokie SD
321  South Upton  C&NW Milwaukee SD/CNS&M (elec.)
322  Delmar  NYC Kankakee Br./CMSP&P Terre Haute Div.
323  Momence Jct.  C&EI
324  North End Jct.  C&EI  not located
325  North Jct. (Dupo)  MP/TRRA/IC B&C Line/East St. Louis Columbia & Waterloo (elec.)
326  Moline  CB&Q Barstow SD-Moline Line/Davenport Rock Island & North Western Railway


327  Lake Erie Jct.  NKP LE&W Main/P&PU
328  Christopher  CB&Q Beardstown SD/IC Eldorado SD
329  Woodlawn  CB&Q Beardstown SD/L&N Evansville Div.
330  Chrisman  NYC Cairo Br./B&O Decatur SD
331  Ridge Farm  NKP Cloverleaf Dist./NYC Cairo Br.
332  Grays (Grayville)  IC Mattoon Dist./NYC Cairo Br.
333  Wyton (Danville)  NYC Cairo Br./NYC Peoria & Eastern Line
334  Danville  NYC Peoria & Eastern Line/IT (elec.)
335  Forbes (Rockford)  CB&Q Rockford & Flag Center SD/CMSP&P Illinois Iowa & Minnesota Line/IC Iowa Div.
336  Sudduth Jct. (Curran)  C&A Airline/CP&StL CS&StL Line
337  Knights (Decatur)  WAB
338  Carmi  L&N Evansville Div./NYC Cairo Br.
339  Cheneyville  NKP LE&W Main/CMSP&P Terre Haute Div.
340  Tower A-2 (Western Avenue) (Chicago)  CMSP&P/C&NW/PRR Panhandle
341  Bismarck Jct.  C&EI Woodland SD
342  Westville (WR)  NYC Cairo Br./C&EI Westville SD
343  Mt. Carmel  SR St. Louis Div./NYC Cairo Br.


344  Webster  TP&W/CMSP&P Terre Haute Div.
345  Enfield  L&N Evansville Div./B&O Springfield SD
346  Carter  CMSP&P Terre Haute Div./IC Rantoul Dist.
347  Robinson  NYC Cairo Br./IC Effingham Dist.
348  Farmdale  TP&W/NKP LE&W Main/PRR Peoria Br.
349  Norris City  B&O Springfield SD/NYC Cairo Br.
350  Herrin  IC Johnston City Dist./MP Marion SD


351  Eldorado  NYC Cairo Br./L&N Shawneetown Br.
352  County Line  Chicago Wilmington & Vermillion Coal Co./StL&S  not located
353  Bernice  PRR Panhandle
354  Clinton IA  C&NW Geneva SD drawbridge
355  Nachusa  C&NW Geneva SD


356  LeClaire (Edwardsville)  IT (elec.)/NKP Cloverleaf Dist./C&NW Madison SD
357  Calumet River Drawbridge (Chicago)  CSS&SB
358  Bluffs  C&NW Geneva SD
359  Caseyville  B&O St. Louis Div./East St. Louis & Suburban Railway (elec.)
360  Van Petten  C&NW Peoria SD/CB&Q Shabbona & Sterling SD
361  Main Street (Evanston)  C&NW Kenosha SD
362  Howe (Depue)  NYC Kankakee Br.
363  South Fulton  C&NW/CMSP&P Savanna-Moline


364  Flinton  MP Chester SD/MP Sparta SD
365  Roots  MP  not located
366  Chester  MP Chester SD/MP Pinckneyville SD
367  Raddle  MP Chester SD
368  Howardton  MP Chester SD
369  Halsey  MP Chester SD
370  Canal (Evanston)  C&NW Kenosha SD
371  Wilmette  C&NW Kenosha SD
372  Hudgens (Neilson)  C&EI/CB&Q Beardstown SD
373  40th Street (Chicago)  C&WI/Chicago Junction
374  Avenue  IC Gilman SD/C&IM/B&O Decatur SD/IT (elec.)/Springfield Clear Lake & Rochester (elec.)
375  Noble Street (Chicago)  C&NW
376  Division Street (Chicago)  C&NW
377  Lake Street (Chicago)  C&NW
378  West Vienna  C&EI/CB&Q Beardstown SD
379  Forman (Ridenhower)  CB&Q Beardstown SD/NYC Cairo Br.
380  Vincennes IN  B&O St. Louis Div. drawbridge
381  Clinton Street (Chicago)  C&NW
382  Carpenter Street (Chicago)  C&NW
383  Hobbs  NYC  not located
384  Humrick  CMSP&P Terre Haute Div./NKP Cloverleaf Dist.
385  Rowland (Tallmadge)  CMSP&P Terre Haute Div./C&EI Indiana Line
386  Tansey  B&O Springfield SD/SB
387  Fayville  C&EI/MP Cairo SD
388  Hillsboro  NYC Illinois Div./NYC Old Line
389  Seeger (North Des Plaines)  C&NW Harvard SD
390  Virden  CB&Q Beardstown SD/IT (elec.)


391  Hegewisch  PRR SC&S Br.
392  Thebes  C&EI/MP Cairo SD
393  Beardstown  CB&Q Beardstown SD  drawbridge
394  River Branch Jct. (Chicago)  PRR  replaced #104


395  Valley  C&NW Milwaukee SD
396  Walz (Danville/Brewer)  C&EI CED SD/CMSP&P Terre Haute Div.
397  Olney  B&O St. Louis Div./IC Mattoon Dist.
398  Iles (Jess)  IT (elec.)/WAB Springfield Dist.
399  Zeigler Jct.  CB&Q Beardstown SD/MP Mt. Vernon SD
400  Walz (Danville/Brewer)  NYC Peoria & Eastern Line/CMSP&P Terre Haute Div.
401  Barr (Athens)  C&NW Madison SD/C&IM
402  Harlem Avenue  CB&Q/C&WT (elec.)
403  Luther (Mason City)  C&NW Madison SD/IC Havana Dist.
404  Decatur (Mercer Street)  WAB
405  MC Tower (Joliet)  CRI&P/NYC Joliet Br.
406  Quincy Jct. (Louisiana)  C&A Jacksonville Line drawbridge
407  Portal  CB&Q  not located
408  Rice  CGW
409  Winston  CGW
410  Graham (Galesburg)  CB&Q Ottumwa SD
411  Kickapoo (Peoria Jct.)  C&NW Peoria SD
412  Savanna  CB&Q Aurora SD
413  Wood Street (Chicago)  C&NW Harvard SD
414  Vulcan  MP Ferry Line/GM&O

Obscure Railroads And Lines

Some of the more obscure railroads and lines, not covered in the basic pages covering the main lines in the area.

CP&StL Chicago Peoria & St. Louis Railroad
CS&StL Line Springfield-St. Louis
J&H Line Jacksonville-Havana

RT&N Rutland Toluca & Northern Railroad
Main Line Rutland-Toluca-Custer-Magnolia-McNabb-Granville