Interlockings, as registered with the Railroad and Warehouse Commission of Illinois. From 1889 to 1913, the earliest interlockings were registered with the Railroad and Warehouse Commission of Illinois, and assigned numbers in the order of registration. The Railroad and Warehouse Commission was later succeeded by the Illinois Public Utility Commission, and now the Illinois Commerce Commission. List is from various Annual Reports of the Commission.

Lines involved are generally identified by historic division (Div.), subdivision (SD), district (Dist.), or branch (Br.). Where a branch is identified with a railroad and not a name, it typically might be an industrial spur or another line with an uncertain identity.

Electric street or interurban railways are identified by "elec.", those railways generally are not covered here except where "steam" railroads are also involved. The more important electric railways in Illinois were Chicago Aurora & Elgin (CA&E), Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee (CNS&M), and Illinois Terminal (IT).

Some of the more obscure railroads and lines, are described at the bottom of this page.

Several larger cities had multiple interlocking towers. Information has been verified for the Chicago and St. Louis areas. But in other cities, because of historic inconsistencies in naming of interlockings and other factors, the locations are not always certain.


  1  JB Tower (West Chicago)  EJ&E/C&NW Geneva SD/CB&Q Br.
  2  East Joliet  EJ&E/CRI&P/NYC Joliet Br.
  3  Rockford  IC Iowa Div./CB&Q Rockford & Flag Center SD
  4  Mazonia  C&A/EJ&E Illinois River SD
  5  Chicago Heights  NYC Joliet Br./C&EI
  6  Chicago Heights  EJ&E/C&EI
  7  Beverly Jct. (Tower A) (Chicago)  PRR Panhandle/CRI&P Beverly Br.
  8  Peru  CRI&P/CB&Q Streator & Zearing SD
  9  Matteson  EJ&E/IC
 10  Calumet Park  PRR SC&S Br./B&OCT/IHB
 11  Kensington (Chicago)  IC/C&WI Dolton Br.
 12  Ash Street (Chicago)  IC Iowa Div./AT&SF/Chicago Junction/B&OCT/PRR Panhandle


 13  Barrington  EJ&E/C&NW Harvard SD
 14  Grayland (South Mayfair) (Chicago)  C&NW Cragin SD/CMSP&P C&M SD
 15  CY Tower (Clybourn Jct.) (Chicago)  C&NW Harvard SD/CMSP&P Bloomingdale Line
 16  Spaulding  CMSP&P Elgin SD/EJ&E
 17  Leithton  EJ&E/SOO
 18  Coal City  AT&SF/EJ&E Illinois River SD
 19  Rondout  CMSP&P C&M SD/EJ&E
 20  Mayfair (Chicago)  C&NW Harvard SD/CMSP&P C&M SD
 21  Blue Island  GTW/B&OCT/IHB
 22  Chicago Ridge  WAB Chicago-Decatur/IHB
 23  47th Street (Chicago)  C&WI
 24  79th Street (Chicago)  C&WI/CRI&P
 25  Colona  CRI&P/CB&Q Barstow SD
 26  C&A Tower/Argo  IHB/C&A
 27  Dwight  C&A/NYC Kankakee Br.
 28  Bridgeport (Chicago)  C&A/IC Iowa Div./AT&SF
 29  Gardner  C&A/NYC Kankakee & Seneca Br.
 30  Galva  CB&Q Mendota SD/CRI&P P&RI Br.
 31  Washington Heights (Chicago)  PRR Panhandle/CRI&P
 32  Matteson  NYC Joliet Br./IC
 33  Jacksonville  C&A Jacksonville Line/CB&Q Beardstown SD
 34  Tower Hill  NYC Illinois Div./B&O Springfield SD


 35  Gresham (Chicago)  CRI&P
 36  Tower A-5 (Pacific Jct.) (Chicago)  CMSP&P C&M SD/CMSP&P Elgin SD
 37  Glen (Glen Carbon)  C&NW Madison SD/IC Springfield Dist./NKP Cloverleaf Dist.
 38  61st Street (Chicago)  CRI&P/NYC
 39  South Aurora  CB&Q/EJ&E Br.
 40  Ottawa  CRI&P/CB&Q Montgomery & Streator SD
 41  Waukegan  C&NW Kenosha SD/EJ&E
 42  74th Street (Chicago)  C&WI/WAB Chicago-Decatur/BRC


 43  Hawthorne (Chicago)  IC Iowa Div./BRC
 44  St. Anne  C&EI/NYC Indiana Div.
 45  Calumet River Drawbridge  MC
 46  40th Street (Chicago)  CRI&P/Chicago Junction
 47  West Pullman  PRR Panhandle/IC Blue Island Br.
 48  Thornton Jct.  GTW/C&EI
 49  Taylorville  WAB Brooklyn Dist./B&O Springfield SD
 50  Calumet River Drawbridge (Chicago)  C&WI Dolton Br.  possibly part of #142
 51  Pontiac  C&A/IC Pontiac Dist./WAB Streator Br.
 52  Kansas  NYC Illinois Div./CH&D Ohio River Div.
 53  Corwith (Chicago)  C&A/AT&SF
 54  95th Street (Chicago)  CRI&P
 55  Pearl  C&A Jacksonville Line drawbridge
 56  Princeville  AT&SF/CRI&P P&RI Br.
 57  Hoopeston  C&EI Woodland SD/NKP LE&W Main
 58  Iles (Springfield)  C&A/WAB Springfield Dist.
 59  Midland (Paris)  NYC Illinois Div./PRR Peoria Br.
 60  East Kingston  CMSP&P Davenport SD/C&NW Troy Grove SD
 61  South Branch Chicago River  B&OCT
 62  Lemoyne (Chicago)  BRC/C&A/AT&SF
 63  Fulton Jct.  C&NW Fulton Line/CMSP&P Savanna-Moline
 64  Tower B-35 (Elgin)  CMSP&P Elgin SD/C&NW Belvidere SD
 65  Mount Vernon  L&N Evansville Div./MP Pinckneyville SD


 66  26th St. Drawbridge (Chicago)  B&OCT/Chicago Junction
 67  Burnham  PRR SC&S Br./NKP/C&WI/CSS&SB
 68  Windsor  NYC Illinois Div./WAB Sullivan Br.
 69  Cragin Jct. (Chicago)  CMSP&P Elgin SD/C&NW Cragin SD
 70  43rd Street (Chicago)  IC/Chicago Junction
 71  Marshall Jct.  PRR St. Louis Div./NYC Cairo Br.  initially deactivated around 1908
 72  Brookdale  IC/B&O  temporary
 73  Sheldon  NYC Indiana Div./TP&W
 74  Deering Bridge (Chicago)  C&NW Kenosha SD
 75  Jacksonville Jct.  C&A Jacksonville Line/WAB Springfield Dist./CP&StL J&H Line
 76  Deval (Des Plaines)  C&NW Harvard SD/C&NW Milwaukee SD/SOO
 77  Grand Crossing (Chicago)  NYC  temporary
 78  Grand Crossing (Chicago)  NYC/PRR  temporary
 79  Karl (Mattoon)  IC Peoria SD/NYC Illinois Div.
 80  Alvin  C&EI Woodland SD/IC Rantoul Dist.
 81  Normal  C&A/IC Amboy Dist.
 82  Litchfield  WAB Brooklyn Dist./IC Springfield Dist./CB&Q Beardstown SD/NYC Old Line
 83  49th Street (Chicago)  B&OCT/PRR Panhandle/GTW
 84  Fairmount  WAB/C&EI Brothers SD
 85  Watseka  C&EI/TP&W
 86  Momence  C&EI/NYC Kankakee Br.
 87  Weldon (Chicago)  IC
 88  67th Street  IC
 89  81st Street (Hammond Jct.) (Chicago)  C&WI
 90  South Elmhurst  CGW/IC Iowa Div./CA&E (elec.)
 91  Harvey  B&OCT Chicago Heights SD/GTW/IC
 92  Kankakee River  IC drawbridge/gauntlet


 93  Curran  WAB/CP&StL CS&StL Line
 94  75th Street (Chicago) B&OCT/PRR Panhandle/WAB Chicago-Decatur/BRC
 95  Beverly Jct. (Tower B) (Chicago)  PRR Panhandle/B&OCT/CRI&P Beverly Br.
 96  Henry Street (Alton)  CB&Q/C&A Old Line/NYC Old Line/CP&StL CS&StL Line/IT (elec.)
 97  McCook  IHB/AT&SF
 98  Nashville  L&N Evansville Div./MP Sparta SD
 99  State Line  C&WI/NKP/B&OCT/IHB Br./CSS&SB
100  WR Tower (Granite City)  TRRA/C&A/NYC Illinois Div./WAB Brooklyn Dist.


101  St. Elmo  C&EI/PRR St. Louis Div.
102  Salem  C&EI/B&O St. Louis Div.
103  Alhambra  IC Springfield Dist./NKP Cloverleaf Dist.
104  River Branch Jct. (Chicago)  PRR  replaced with #394
105  VN Tower (Mount Vernon)  C&EI/L&N Evansville Div./SR St. Louis Div.
106  Kinmundy  IC/C&EI
107  Milan  CRI&P P&RI Br. drawbridge
108  North Litchfield  WAB Brooklyn Dist./IC Springfield Dist.
109  Rockwell Jct. (Chicago)  C&NW Rockwell SD
110  Canal St. (Chicago)  Metropolitan West Side Elevated Railroad (CTA)
111  Marshfield Ave. (Chicago)  Metropolitan West Side Elevated Railroad (CTA)
112  Robey St. (Chicago)  Metropolitan West Side Elevated Railroad (CTA)
113  Ford Street (Chicago)  C&WI/PRR
114  Shops (Springfield)  C&IM/WAB Springfield Dist.
115  Carbondale  IC  deactivated around 1912


116  JA Tower (Springfield)  C&A/B&O Springfield SD/CP&StL CS&StL Line
117  Tower B-12 (Franklin Park)  CMSP&P Elgin SD/SOO
118  46th Avenue (Chicago)  B&OCT Altenheim SD/BRC
119  South Chicago Tower E  NYC/PRR  temporary
120  South Chicago Tower W  NYC/PRR  temporary
121  Paxton  IC/NKP LE&W Main
122  Winston (Litchfield)  WAB Brooklyn Dist./IC Springfield Dist./CB&Q Beardstown SD/CP&StL CS&StL Line
123  Greenup  PRR St. Louis Div./IC Mattoon Dist.
124  Riverdale  IC/PRR Panhandle/B&OCT
125  Wesley Jct. (Peoria)  P&PU/NKP LE&W Main
126  CR (Calumet River) (Chicago)  NYC
127  Bridge Jct. (Peoria)  P&PU/CRI&P Peoria Br. drawbridge
128  Edgewood  IC/B&O Springfield SD
129  Burnside (Chicago)  IC/C&WI/CRI&P South Chicago Br./BRC


130  55th Street (Chicago)  IHB Stock Yards Line/BRC
131  Centralia  IC/CB&Q Beardstown SD
132  Burlington IA  CB&Q Ottumwa SD drawbridge
133  Tamaroa  IC/MP Pinckneyville SD
134  Mode  C&EI/NKP Cloverleaf Dist.
135  Dolton  PRR Panhandle/C&WI Dolton Br./B&OCT/IHB
136  Kittredge  CMSP&P Davenport SD
137  Fulton No. 1  C&NW Fulton Line/CB&Q Lass & Ebner SD
138  Rochelle  C&NW Geneva SD/CB&Q Aurora SD
139  Earlville  CB&Q Mendota SD/C&NW Troy Grove SD
140  Market Street (Chicago)  Metropolitan West Side Elevated Railroad (CTA)
141  South Branch Chicago River (Chicago)  Metropolitan West Side Elevated Railroad (CTA)
142  Calumet River Drawbridge (Chicago)  C&WI Dolton Br.


143  Fulton No. 2  C&NW Fulton Line/CB&Q Lass & Ebner SD
144  Bellwood  CGW/IHB/CA&E (elec.)
145  Sherman  C&A
146  East Springfield  C&A P&N Br./WAB Springfield Dist.
147  Monica  AT&SF/CB&Q Yates City SD
148  East Clinton  C&NW Geneva SD/CB&Q Lass & Ebner SD
149  East Yard (Pekin)  C&A P&N Br./NYC Peoria & Eastern Line/AT&SF Pekin Dist.
150  Grove (Pekin)  P&PU/C&A P&N Br.
151  North Harvey  B&OCT Chicago Heights SD/IHB
152  Harvard Jct. (north)  C&NW Harvard SD
153  Tolono  IC/WAB
154  Monticello  WAB Chicago-Decatur/IC Decatur Dist.  deactivated around 1908
155  Ashley  IC/L&N Evansville Div.
156  Joliet (old tower)  CRI&P/C&A/AT&SF/NYC Joliet Br.
157  South Harvard  C&NW Harvard SD
158  Mattoon  IC
159  101st Street (Chicago)  NYC
160  Laurette  IC Gilman SD/IC Rantoul Dist.
161  Mazon  AT&SF/NYC Kankakee & Seneca Br.
162  Monmouth  CB&Q Ottumwa SD/M&SL


163  Green Valley  IC Peoria SD/C&A P&N Br.
164  Bureau Creek (E)  CB&Q gauntlet bridge  temporary
165  Bureau Creek (W)  CB&Q gauntlet bridge  temporary
166  Branch Jct. (Centralia)  IC/MP Sparta SD
167  Mansfield  WAB Chicago-Decatur/NYC Peoria & Eastern Line
168  East Dubuque  IC Iowa Div./CB&Q Aurora SD drawbridge
169  Hawley  C&A/IC  temporary
170  Farrington (Terre Haute)  PRR St. Louis Div.
171  Ohio Street Jct. (Chicago)  C&NW
172  South Chicago Tower E  NYC/B&O  temporary
173  South Chicago Tower W  NYC/B&O  temporary
174  Vandalia  PRR St. Louis Div./IC Clinton Dist.
175  Rose Hill (Chicago)  C&NW Kenosha SD
176  Grayslake  CMSP&P Fox Lake SD/SOO
177  Casey  PRR St. Louis Div./CH&D Ohio River Div.
178  Smithboro  PRR St. Louis Div./CB&Q Beardstown SD
179  Sabula  CMSP&P Davenport SD drawbridge/gauntlet

Obscure Railroads And Lines

Some of the more obscure railroads and lines, not covered in the basic pages covering the main lines in the area.

CP&StL Chicago Peoria & St. Louis Railroad
CS&StL Line Springfield-St. Louis
J&H Line Jacksonville-Havana

RT&N Rutland Toluca & Northern Railroad
Main Line Rutland-Toluca-Custer-Magnolia-McNabb-Granville