1885 - Toledo Consolidated Street Railway formed by merger of four horse car companies. Metropolitan Street Railway Co. begins operation.

1889 - Metropolitan Street Railway Co. and Central Street Railway Co. consolidated into Toledo Consolidated Street Railway.

1890 - All horse cars converted to electric streetcars. Toledo Electric Street Railway begins operation.

1896 - Toledo Consolidated Street Railway and Toledo Electric Street Railway sold to Toledo Traction Co.

1901 - Toledo Traction Co. sold to Toledo Railways & Light Co.

1913 - Toledo Railways & Light Co. sold to Toledo Traction Light & Power Co., a subsidiary of Cities Service Co.

1921 - Toledo Traction Light & Power Co. forms subsidiary Community Traction Co. to operate streetcar system.

1922 - Ottawa Park streetcar line abandoned. Jitneys begin operating over route, eventually replaced by buses operated by Ottawa Coach Line.

1926 - Front St. route is first converted from streetcars to buses.

1928 - Community Traction Co. acquires Ottawa Coach Line, Toledo Motor Bus Co., and a bus line operated by Joseph Bierela on Elm St.

1929 - Maumee Valley Transportation Co. formed to operate buses south of Toledo to Perrysburg, replacing Toledo & Maumee Valley Railway interurban line, which had been abandoned in 1924.

1930 - Community Traction Co. acquires Maumee Valley Transportation Co.

1935 - Dorr becomes first trolleybus route in Toledo.

1938 - Broadway becomes second trolleybus route, one year after conversion from streetcars to motor buses.

1939 - Holland-Sylvania Lines introduces bus service to suburbs west and northwest of Toledo.

1949 - Long Belt streetcar route is last to be converted to buses.

1952 - Both trolleybus routes converted to motor buses.

1954 - Community Traction Co. becomes separate company from Cities Service Co.

1957 - Community Traction Co. acquires Holland-Sylvania Lines.

1971 - Community Traction Co. becomes publicly owned Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority.


The 1952 "Mass Transportation's Directory" provides an interesting "snapshot", of what obscure bus companies had coexisted with the main transit providers.

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