A few less successful streamliners were discontinued prior to 1956. But most of the trains were discontinued between 1956 and 1971. And with the formation of Amtrak in 1971, Amtrak allowed many of the remaining trains to be discontinued, while retaining those trains with most promise. And now, Amtrak actually carries more passengers with fewer trains, than were carried by the individual railroads prior to 1971.

Information is from the book "From Zephyr To Amtrak", compiled by David Randall. Trains are listed chronologically by year, but not necessarily chronologically within a year. Trains operating over multiple railroads are listed by the primary railroad involved with the train. Railroads are those which operated the trains during most of the streamlined years, although some railroads were later involved in mergers. For trains operating multiple times per day, year discontinued is year when final remaining service was discontinued, although daily frequency may have been reduced in earlier years.


Burlington Route - General Pershing Zephyr


Pennsylvania Railroad - Trail Blazer (combined with General)


Missouri Pacific - Delta Eagle


Gulf Mobile & Ohio - Rebel


Southern Pacific - Sunbeam, Hustler


Bangor & Aroostook - Aroostook Flyer
Boston & Maine - Cheshire, Minute Man
Florida East Coast - Dixieland (former Dixie Flagler)
Southern Pacific - Starlight (combined with Lark)


Santa Fe - El Capitan (combined with Super Chief)
Baltimore & Ohio - Royal Blue
Burlington Route - Mark Twain Zephyr
Chicago & North Western - City Of Milwaukee 400
Gulf Mobile & Ohio - Ann Rutledge, Gulf Coast Rebel
Illinois Central - Daylight
Lehigh Valley - John Wilkes, Asa Packer
New York Central - Commodore Vanderbilt, Detroiter
New Haven - Naugatuck


Monon - Hoosier, Tippecanoe
Chicago & North Western - Northwestern Limited
Lehigh Valley - Black Diamond


Milwaukee Road - Chippewa Hiawatha
New York Central - Cleveland Mercury


Milwaukee Road - Olympian Hiawatha


Chicago & Eastern Illinois - Whippoorwill
Missouri Pacific - Valley Eagle
Southern Pacific - San Francisco Overland (former UP train)


Chicago & North Western - Twin Cities 400, Dakota 400
Lackawanna/Nickel Plate Road - Westerner/New Yorker


Rock Island - Choctaw Rocket


Boston & Maine - Flying Yankee, Kennebec, Pine Tree
Missouri Kansas Texas - Texas Special
Nickel Plate Road - Nickel Plate Limited
St. Louis San Francisco - Meteor


Burlington Route - Sam Houston Zephyr
Rock Island - Rocky Mountain Rocket
Lackawanna - Phoebe Snow
Missouri Pacific - Colorado Eagle
New York Central - Pacemaker
Pennsylvania Railroad - Golden Triangle


Santa Fe - Golden Gate
Monon - Thoroughbred
Rock Island - Zephyr Rocket
Burlington Route - Texas Zephyr
Rio Grande - Prospector
Southern Pacific - Shasta Daylight


Santa Fe - Chief, Kansas Cityan/Chicagoan, Kansas City Chief
Atlantic Coast Line - East Coast Champion
Chesapeake & Ohio - F.F.V.
Burlington Route - Kansas City Zephyr
Rock Island - Texas Rocket
Illinois Central - Land O' Corn
New York Central - Southwestern Limited, Ohio State Limited
Southern Railway - Tennessean
Southern Pacific - Lark, Golden State
Wabash - City Of Kansas City


Rock Island - Twin Star Rocket
Kansas City Southern - Southern Belle
Louisville & Nashville - Humming Bird
New Haven - Puritan/42nd Street, Gilt Edge, Owl
Norfolk & Western - Powhatan Arrow
Seaboard Air Line - Silver Comet


Central Of Georgia - Man O' War
Burlington Route - California Zephyr, Aksarben Zephyr
Milwaukee Road - Afternoon Hiawatha, North Woods Hiawatha, Pioneer Limited
Chicago & North Western - Peninsula 400
Rock Island - Corn Belt Rocket
Great Northern - Red River
Missouri Pacific - Louisiana Eagle
Pennsylvania Railroad - Penn Texas
Southern Railway - Royal Palm, Crescent


Santa Fe - San Francisco Chief
Baltimore & Ohio - Capitol Limited, National Limited, Cincinnatian
Central Of Georgia - Nancy Hanks II
Chesapeake & Ohio - Pere Marquette, Sportsman
Burlington Route - Twin Zephyr, Silver Streak Zephyr, Nebraska Zephyr, American Royal Zephyr
Milwaukee Road - Varsity
Chicago & North Western - Green Bay 400, Valley 400/Shoreland 400, Streamliner 400, Commuter 400, Flambeau 400, Kate Shelley 400
Great Northern - Internationals, Western Star
Illinois Central - Green Diamond, City Of Miami, Panama Limited
Louisville & Nashville - Georgian
Missouri Pacific - Texas Eagle
New York Central - Twentieth Century Limited, New England States
New Haven - Bay State
Northern Pacific - North Coast Limited
Pennsylvania Railroad - Cincinnati Limited
Southern Pacific - San Joaquin Daylight
Union Pacific - City Of Portland, City Of Los Angeles, City Of Denver, City Of Kansas City (former City Of St. Louis)
Wabash - City Of Decatur (former Blue Bird)

1971 - TO AMTRAK

Santa Fe - Super Chief, San Diegan, Texas Chief
Atlantic Coast Line - West Coast Champion
Chesapeake & Ohio - George Washington
Burlington Route - Denver Zephyr
Milwaukee Road - Morning Hiawatha
Great Northern - Empire Builder
Gulf Mobile & Ohio - Abraham Lincoln
Illinois Central - City Of New Orleans
Missouri Pacific - Missouri River Eagle
New York Central - Chicago Mercury, James Whitcomb Riley, Empire State Express, Twilight Limited
New Haven - Bostonian/New Yorker, Murray Hill, Yankee Clipper, Merchants Limited, Bankers/Connnecticut Yankee, Colonial, Patriot
Pennsylvania Railroad - Broadway Limited, South Wind, Senator, Congressional
Seaboard Air Line - Silver Meteor, Silver Star
Southern Pacific - Daylight, Cascade, Sunset Limited
Union Pacific - City Of San Francisco


Rio Grande - Rio Grande Zephyr (remnant of California Zephyr)
Rock Island - Peoria Rocket, Quad Cities Rocket (former Des Moines Rocket)
Reading - Crusader
Southern Railway - Southern Crescent (former Southerner)

These railroads originally opted not to participate in Amtrak. The Rock Island and Reading trains were eventually discontinued, while Southern joined Amtrak in 1979, and Rio Grande joined Amtrak in 1983.

In the years since 1971, Amtrak restored some trains and created some new trains, and discontinued some trains. And some train names were changed by Amtrak.