On August 17, 2012, electrical wire problems in Chicago's Hegewisch neighborhood near Burnham Yard caused major disruptions for the Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District's (NICTD) South Shore Line. The 8:40 pm and 11:00 pm departures from Chicago were cancelled. One train finally departed Chicago at 12:45 am. And diesel locomotive assistance was required from Hegewisch to East Chicago IN.

NICTD/South Shore train #601, having departed downtown Chicago at 12:45 am, stops at the Hegewisch substation, 1/2 mile before the station. This is as far as the electric train could go. As beyond the substation, the line was electrically dead, as crews worked on the wire problems.

Diesels to the rescue! Now that the train was waiting, two GP38-2 locomotives proceed west from Burnham Yard and have passed the Hegewisch station. NICTD owns one silver locomotive, #1000. While the South Shore Line freight operations furnished #2002, painted orange.

At 1:55 am, 35 minutes behind schedule, train #601 arrives at the Hegewisch station, with GP38-2 #2002 leading.

The second locomotive, GP38-2 #1000, is seen towing the train, now electrically dead with all pantographs down, and with emergency interior lighting only.

Train #601 at the Hegewisch station, after passengers have gotten off. Other passengers are still on the train, riding in the dark.