On August 25, 2012, a prefabricated truss bridge was put in place for the South Shore Line, crossing Torrence Ave. south of 130th St. The South Shore Line has been elevated all along at that location. But the Norfolk Southern Railroad has been at ground level, frequently causing delays at crossings with those two busy streets. A project has been under way, which when completed will have those two streets ducking under the Norfolk Southern line. This project requires that the South Shore Line be shifted slightly to the south. But the actual shifting of the South Shore trains would come later.

View of the new bridge, looking north on Torrence Ave. One sign hanging on the bridge says "Walsh", which is the main construction contractor for this project.

Another view of the new bridge, looking northwest. An eastbound freight train with Union Pacific locomotives is seen crossing Torrence Ave., the old South Shore Line bridge is seen above the locomotives. To the left, the catenary supports of the South Shore Line are visible on the line heading west towards Chicago.

At Torrence Ave., looking west between the two South Shore Line bridges. The old bridge to the right and the new bridge to the left.

Looking southeast from the intersection of 130th St. and Torrence Ave. The new bridge is visible on the other side of the old South Shore Line route, the South Shore Line and the catenary supports are visible on the line heading southeast towards Indiana.