Brooklyn District

FORMERLY Wabash Railroad/Norfolk & Western Railway
(Decatur Division/13th District)
CONSTRUCTED 1869 by Decatur & East St. Louis Railroad
DOUBLE TRACK constructed 1905-1914 (Decatur-Granite City)
ABS installed 1911-1937
CTC installed 1960 (Granite City-Brooklyn)
SINGLE TRACKED late 1980's (B D Jct.-Poag Jct.)
LAST PASSENGER TRAIN: Wabash Cannon Ball/1971

In much of the St. Louis area, all railroads operated via the jointly owned Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis (TRRA). Historically, passenger trains would usually switch to and from the TRRA at WR Tower, crossing the Mississippi River via Merchants Bridge, the most northerly of the river crossings in St. Louis. The Merchants Bridge was also used by Alton route passenger trains between Chicago and St. Louis. But west of Merchants Bridge, Wabash trains used a more westerly route, also serving the Delmar station in St. Louis.

Radio Frequency - 160.440 (AAR Channel 22)

Stations/Milepost Locations

Direction is southward from Decatur to St. Louis
Distance is from Detroit

375.6 Decatur
376.6 Mosser
379.2 Knights
381.0 BD Jct.
383.9 Boody
389.8 Blue Mound
395.3 Stonington
399.2 Willeys
401.6 Taylorville
409.4 Clarksdale
412.4 Palmer
416.2 Morrisonville
422.2 Harvel
423.6 Midway
425.5 Raymond
430.8 Honey Bend
434.0 Litchfield
437.8 Winston (BNSF crossing)
444.6 Mt. Olive
447.1 Karnes
449.2 Staunton
452.1 Decamp
456.2 Worden
460.5 Carpenter
467.1 Edwardsville
469.1 Poag Jct.
474.7 Mitchell (A&S crossing)
477.5 Nameoki
478.5 25th St.
480.2 Granite City
480.4 WR Tower (junction-TRRA)
483.8 Brooklyn
485.0 Bridge Jct.

1 track, Track Warrants in use with automatic block signals. 2 tracks between Mitchell and WR Tower. 2 tracks CTC in use between Decatur and BD Jct., and possibly between Poag Jct. and WR Tower.


Track diagram as the line existed during 1980's, prior to elimination of second track.


Known discontinued passenger railroad stations. Includes zoomable Google maps.


Past and present towers and interlockings.