Freeport Subdivision

CONSTRUCTED 1890 by Chicago Madison & Northern Railroad
ABS installed 1918
COLOR LIGHT ABS installed 1940's
LAST PASSENGER TRAIN: Black Hawk (Amtrak)/1981

This line was built considerably later than the original Illinois Central Line, which extended straight north from Cairo at the southern tip of the state, through the middle of the state to Freeport. With a "branch" diverging north of Centralia, proceeding northeast to Chicago. This line connected Chicago with the original line at Freeport, which proceeded west to Dubuque. Between 1974 and 1981, Amtrak operated the Black Hawk over this route as far west as Dubuque, no passenger service has operated over this route since then. Although proposals exist to restore passenger service in the future.

Radio Frequency - 160.755 (AAR Channel 43)

Stations/Milepost Locations

Direction is westward from Broadview to Freeport
Distance is from Chicago

14.7 Broadview
19.3 Elmhurst
22.0 South Addison
29.6 Carol Stream
34.3 Munger
35.7 East Jay (connection-CN Leithton Subdivision)
39.0 Coleman
46.8 Plato Center
53.0 Burlington
61.4 Genoa
62.6 Hart
67.0 Colvin Park
73.7 Irene
79.1 Perryville
84.6 Buckbee
85.6 IR Crossing/remote-dispatcher-Homewood)
86.6 Rockford
86.8 Case
94.4 Alworth
100.1 Seward
106.2 Evarts
115.1 East Jct.
115.6 Freeport

1 track, Track Warrants in use with automatic block signals. CTC between Seward and Freeport.

CN Dispatcher Desk #7 located in Homewood.



Known discontinued passenger railroad stations. Includes zoomable Google maps.


Past and present towers and interlockings.