Barr Subdivision

FORMERLY Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
CONSTRUCTED 1886 by Chicago & Calumet Terminal Railway

Line was acquired in 1897 by Chicago Terminal Transfer Railroad, and 1910 by Baltimore & Ohio Chicago Terminal Railroad. For many years, the segment in Indiana was jointly owned with the Pennsylvania Railroad. Pennsylvania Railroad also had a branch diverging northwest from this line near Calumet Ave. in Hammond, and joining the Pennsylvania Railroad SC&S Branch near 134th St. in Chicago's Hegewisch neighborhood. Until the late 1910's, Pennsylvania Railroad commuter trains operated via this line as far east as Clarke Jct., there joining the Pennsylvania Railroad Fort Wayne main line. The former Wabash Montpelier Division had trackage rights over this line between State Line and Clarke Jct. Wabash passenger trains used this segment until 1933.

Radio Frequency - 160.230 (AAR Channel 08)
Dispatcher - 160.320 (AAR Channel 14)

Stations/Milepost Locations

Direction is eastward from Blue Island Jct. to Pine Jct.
Distance is from Pine Jct.

15.0 Blue Island Jct. (IHB junction)
14.1 Harvey Jct. (interlocking)
13.9 Roll Ave.
12.4 Barr Yard
11.4 Riverdale (interlocking)
10.7 Dolton (tower-UP crossing)
10.4 CP Cottage Grove
7.2 Calumet Park (crossing/remote-IHB dispatcher)
6.0 State Line (NS/IHB crossing/remote-IHB dispatcher)
5.2 Calumet Ave.
4.8 Columbia Ave.
4.4 Whiting Jct.
3.9 Baring Ave.
3.7 Tod Ave.
3.2 Republic (IHB crossing/automatic interlocking)
2.6 Calumet Tower (IHB/CN crossing)
2.2 Euclid Ave.
0.4 Clarke Jct.
0.0 Pine Jct.

Blue Island Jct. to Pine Jct. - 2 tracks, CTC in use.

Controlled by CSX "RA" Dispatcher in Calumet City.



Past and present towers and interlockings.