Frankfort Secondary Subdivision

Indianapolis Terminal Subdivision

FORMERLY Pennsylvania Railroad (Pittsburgh Cincinnati Chicago & St. Louis Railroad)
CONSTRUCTED 1852 by Terre Haute & Richmond Railroad (Davis-Indianapolis)
CONSTRUCTED 1918 (Frankfort-Davis)
CTC installed 1961 (Lebanon-Davis)
LAST PASSENGER TRAIN: Floridian (Amtrak)/1975
DOWNGRADED 1980's (Frankfort-Clermont)
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Radio Frequency - 160.800 (AAR Channel 46)
Dispatcher - 160.560 (AAR Channel 30)

Stations/Milepost Locations

Direction is southward from Frankfort to Indianapolis
Distance is from Indianapolis

35.4 End Of Track
35.3 Frankfort
28.9 Reagan
18.6 Boone
17.2 Lebanon
7.0 Burr
0.0 Clermont

12.6 CP Clermont (junction-CSX)
9.5 CP North Hunt
8.6 CP South Hunt
3.9 Davis
3.5 CP Holt
3.0 Kraft
1.6 CP 1 (Woods)
0.9 CP IJ
0.0 Indianapolis

1 track, Direct Traffic Control in use Frankfort to CP Clermont, and CTC CP Clermont to Indianapolis, controlled by CSX "IC" Dispatcher in Indianapolis.


Past and present towers and interlockings.