Mount Clemens Subdivision

FORMERLY Grand Trunk Western Railroad
CONSTRUCTED 1859 by Chicago Detroit & Canada Grand Trunk Junction Railway

Now used by Amtrak trains as part of new routing through Detroit, including extension north to Pontiac. Trains enter and exit CN trackage at Vinewood.

Radio Frequency - 160.590 (AAR Channel 32)
Dispatcher - 160.530 (AAR Channel 28)

Stations/Milepost Locations

Direction is northward from West Detroit to Port Huron
Distance is from West Detroit

0.0 West Detroit
0.5 Michigan Ave.
1.0 Vinewood
2.3 Avery Ave.
2.6 Commonwealth
3.5 Woodward (Amtrak Station)
3.8 Beaubien St. (CR crossing)
4.6 Milwaukee Jct. (junction-CN)
5.0 BOC Yard
5.8 East Yard
7.0 Forest Lawn (CR crossing)
10.0 Nolan
16.5 Fraser
22.3 Mount Clemens
26.6 Chesterfield
32.5 Haven
38.2 Richmond
44.9 Columbus
48.6 Smith's Creek
55.6 Tappan (junction-CN)
57.4 Port Huron

West Detroit to Vinewood: 1 track, unsignaled.

Vinewood to Milwaukee Jct.: 2 tracks, signaled for normal right hand operation.

Milwaukee Jct. to Nolan: 1 track, unsignaled.

Nolan to Tappan: 1 track, Track Warrants in use.

CN Dispatcher Desk #8 located in Homewood IL.

Between West Detroit and Milwaukee Jct., line is now actually part of CN Shore Line Subdivision, former Detroit & Toledo Shore Line with mileposts measured from Toledo. West Detroit is at milepost 50.2 from Toledo, and new mileposts have 50.2 added to the original mileposts.


Past and present towers and interlockings.