Links marked with S or T include historical information on lost passenger Stations and interlocking Towers. Beyond the Chicago area, information on towers serving multiple railroads is generally not duplicated among branch lines.

This section is being expanded, to include additional lines further from Chicago. Pages for the added lines are marked with UC for Under Construction.

Former Burlington Route

Chicago Subdivision (Chicago to Aurora) ST
Mendota Subdivision (Aurora to Galesburg) ST
Ottumwa Subdivision (Galesburg to Burlington) ST
Brookfield Subdivision (Galesburg to Quincy) UC

Aurora Subdivision (Aurora to Savanna) ST
Aurora Subdivision (Savanna to La Crosse) S
St. Croix Subdivision (La Crosse to St. Croix) UC

Barstow Subdivision (Galesburg to Savanna) ST

Peoria Subdivision (Galesburg to Peoria) S

Yates City Subdivision (Yates City-Vermont) UC
(formerly Buda to Vermont)

Beardstown Subdivision (Bushnell to Concord) UC
Beardstown Subdivision (Concord to Paducah) UC

Chicago Subdivision/Branches (Aurora Area) S

Barstow Subdivision/Branches (Quad Cities Area) S

Former Santa Fe Railway

Chillicothe Subdivision/1st District (Chicago to Pequot) ST
Chillicothe Subdivision/1st District (Pequot to Chillicothe) ST
Chillicothe Subdivision/2nd District (Chillicothe to Fort Madison) ST

Abandoned Lines (Burlington)

Mendota To Denrock S
Lass To Ebner S

Shabbona To Sterling S
Sterling To Denrock S

Paw Paw To Sheridan

Concord To St. Louis UC

Abandoned Lines (Santa Fe)

Pekin District (Ancona to Pekin) S

Lines Sold

Short line companies which eventually acquired some trackage.

Several former Burlington Route branches