1870 - Central City Horse Railway introduces horse car service on Adams Street. Several additional companies would later introduce streetcar routes in Peoria.

1906 - Illinois Traction Co. acquires all street railways in Peoria.

1923 - Illinois Traction Co. introduces its first bus route, a feeder route connecting with East Peoria streetcar line. At the time, at least two independent bus routes were operating in Peoria.

1923 - Illinois Power & Light Co. formed as subsidiary of Illinois Traction Co., controlling the electric railways. North American Light & Power Co. acquires Illinois Traction Co. as a subsidiary.

1924 - Illinois Power & Light Co. takes over two independent bus lines in Peoria.

1927 - First streetcar routes to be converted to buses are on 2nd St, and on 6th St.

1931 - Monroe St. route converted to trolleybuses. This would be the only trolleybus route in Peoria.

1934 - North American Co. acquires North American Light & Power Co. as a subsidiary.

1937 - Illinois Power & Light Co. renamed Illinois-Iowa Power Co.

1943 - Illinois-Iowa Power Co. renamed Illinois Power Co., after being ordered to sell electric utility operations in Iowa.

1946 - Illinois Power Co. sells Peoria transit operation to Peoria Transportation Co., with ties to National City Lines. All remaining streetcars and trolleybuses replaced with buses.

1950 - Peoria Transportation Co. sold to Peoria Transit Lines Inc., also with ties to National City Lines.

1955 - Peoria Transit Lines sold to Transit Casualty Co., which was largely owned by National City Lines, and is renamed Peoria City Lines.

1964 - Peoria City Lines sold to new owners.

1970 - Peoria City Lines becomes publicly owned Greater Peoria Mass Transit District, managed by ATE Management.


The 1952 "Mass Transportation's Directory" provides an interesting "snapshot", of what obscure bus companies had coexisted with the main transit providers.

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