On the "Oosterspoorweg" (Eastern Railway) line from Amsterdam to Hilversum Amersfoort and Zutphen. This was the only line serving Weesp until 1987, when the first segment of the "Flevolijn" (Flevo Line) opened, towards Almere and Lelystad. Flevoland is a newly created province in the Netherlands, consisting of land artificially created in the Ijssel Meer (Ijssel Lake), formerly the Zuiderzee (South Sea). The sea was converted into a lake through the 1932 completion of the "Afsluitdijk" (Enclosure Dike), in the northern part of the Netherlands. The Flevolijn was completed to Lelystad in 1988, and an extension to Zwolle was completed in 2012. The second new line serving Weesp is the "Schiphollijn" (Schiphol Line), initially connecting Schiphol Airport with Amsterdam and Leiden, and completed in 1993 with the east extension to Gaasperdammerweg Aansluiting (Interlocking), 3 km north of Weesp. The main southbound platform at Weesp is between Track 1 and Track 2, and the main northbound platform is between Track 5 and Track 6. Between Track 2 and Track 5 are two main express tracks for trains not stopping.

Mapping the Station and Lines
Zoomable Google Maps show station tracks, track numbers, and rail routes radiating away.

Typical Rail Services/Normal Track Assignments
Track numbers where the regular NS services normally depart the station.

1  Amsterdam/Schiphol-Weesp-Almere-Lelystad-Zwolle
2  Amsterdam/Schiphol-Weesp-Hilversum-Amersfoort/Utrecht
5  Amersfoort/Utrecht-Hilversum-Weesp-Amsterdam/Schiphol
6  Zwolle-Lelystad-Almere-Weesp-Amsterdam/Schiphol


Weesp Station
Wikipedia link containing further station information and history.