Junction of lines west to Eindhoven, south to Roermond, and east into Germany. At Blerick, 1 km west of Venlo, a line diverges north to Nijmegen. The lines to Nijmegen and Roermond are part of a through diesel operated route. The line into Germany is electrified at 15,000 volts AC, the German standard. Track 1a and Track 3a, and the bypass track in between, are electrified with switchable voltages. The trend in recent years has been towards multi voltage electric locomotives and trains. But a station with switchable voltages makes it possible for single voltage locomotives to be changed at a border station. And the bypass track enables an arriving locomotive to uncouple and run back around the train. After which the station track voltage is switched, and the relieving locomotive is coupled onto the train. Similar border stations with switchable voltages exist in Germany, at Emmerich which is east of Arnhem, and at Bentheim which is east of Hengelo and Oldenzaal.

Mapping the Station and Lines
Zoomable Google Maps show station tracks, track numbers, and rail routes radiating away.

Typical Rail Services/Normal Track Assignments
Track numbers where the regular NS services normally depart the station.

1   DB Venlo-Hamm
3   Venlo-Eindhoven-Tilburg-Breda-Dordrecht-Rotterdam-Den Haag CS/Roermond-Venlo-Nijmegen
4   Nijmegen-Venlo-Roermond


Venlo Station
Wikipedia link containing further station information and history.