The capital of Utrecht province, in the central part of the country. The hub and headquarters of the railway system, Utrecht CS (Centraal Station) is the busiest station in the Netherlands. On the "Rhijnspoorweg" (Rhine Railway), connecting Amsterdam with Arnhem and Germany. Immediately west of the station, a line proceeds west to Woerden, Gouda and Rotterdam. And the "Centraalspoorweg" (Central Railway) line diverges north and east to Amersfoort and Zwolle. At Lunetten Aansluiting (Interlocking), 3 km east of the station, a line diverges south to Geldermalsen, S-Hertogenbosch and Eindhoven. At Blauwkapel Aansluiting (Interlocking), 4 km northeast of the station, a line diverges north to Hilversum. And at Den Dolder, 12 km northeast of Utrecht on the Centraalspoorweg line, a line diverges north to Baarn, which is between Hilversum and Amersfoort. The line south from Hilversum actually historically crossed the Centraalspoorweg line at Blauwkapel, continuing through the east part of Utrecht to Lunetten. The line still exists, although no longer is a significant passenger line. The "Spoorwegmuseum", (Railway Museum) is along this line, by the old Utrecht Maliebaan station which now has special train service from Utrecht CS serving the museum. A separate Google Maps shows this trackage to the east, between Blauwkapel and Lunetten. At Utrecht CS, Track 1 Track 2 and Track 3 are stub tracks serving the Centraalspoorweg line. The main westbound platform for trains towards Amsterdam is between Track 5 and Track 7. Track 8 and Track 11 are used by trains between Rotterdam or Den Haag, and Amersfoort and points beyond. Those trains reverse directions at Utrecht. And Track 12, Track 14 and Track 15 are the main eastbound tracks. An expansion project has been under way at this station. As of 2017, the Google Maps satellite imagery has not yet been updated to show the modifications.

Mapping the Station and Lines (CS)
Mapping the Station and Lines (oost/east)
Zoomable Google Maps show station tracks, track numbers, and rail routes radiating away.

Typical Rail Services/Normal Track Assignments
Track numbers where the regular NS services normally depart the station.

 1   Utrecht-Hilversum/Amersfoort/Utrecht Mailebaan
 2   Utrecht-Hilversum
 3   Utrecht-Baarn/Amersfoort
 5   noord/north Intercity
 7   noord/north Intercity/International Frankfurt-Amsterdam
 8   west Intercity
 9   west Intercity
11   Den Haag/Rotterdam-Utrecht-Amersfoort Intercity
12   Utrecht-Leiden
14   noord/north Sprinter
15   oost/east Sprinter
18   zuid/south Intercity/International Amsterdam-Frankfurt
19   oost/east Intercity/International Amsterdam-Frankfurt
20   Utrecht-Den Haag Sprinter
21   zuid/south Sprinter


Utrecht Centraal Station
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