The capital of Friesland province, in the northern part of the country. On what historically was a through line from Harlingen to Groningen and beyond to Germany. Immediately west of the station, a line diverges south to Zwolle. This is the most important line and the only electrified line serving Leeuwarden. West of the station, another line diverges to the south and parallels the Harlingen line as far as the Harinxmakanaal bridge, before turning southwest to Sneek and Stavoren. All trains serving Leeuwarden now terminate there. Mostly a stub station for points west, but Track 5 on the south side extends east towards Groningen. Also, Track 8 is a stub track for trains east towards Groningen.

Mapping the Station and Lines
Zoomable Google Maps show station tracks, track numbers, and rail routes radiating away.

Typical Rail Services/Normal Track Assignments
Track numbers where the regular NS services normally depart the station.

1   Leeuwarden-Sneek-Stavoren
2   Leeuwarden-Harlingen
3   Leeuwarden-Zwolle-Amersfoort-Utrecht-Rotterdam
4   Leeuwarden-Zwolle-Lelystad-Duivendrecht-Schiphol-Den Haag CS
5a  Leeuwarden-Meppel
5b  Leeuwarden-Groningen
8   Leeuwarden-Groningen


Leeuwarden Station
Wikipedia link containing further station information and history.