On the "Rhijnspoorweg" (Rhine Railway), connecting Amsterdam with Utrecht Arnhem and Germany, and where the newer "Schiphollijn" (Schiphol Line) passes underneath between Weesp and Schiphol Airport. This two level station opened in 1993, as a transfer station for the two lines. Track 6 and Track 7 are Amsterdam Metro tracks, with NS Track 5 and Track 8 to the outside. Track 2 and Track 3 are presently unused numbers, possibly reserved for future Metro expansion which similarly would be between existing NS Track 1 and Track 4 to the outside. In addition, not serving the station are trains operating between Utrecht and Schiphol. A connection for those trains extends northwest from the Rhijnspoorweg line at Amsterdam Bijlmeer station, 2 km south of Duivendrecht. And joins the Schiphollijn at Duivendrecht West Aansluiting (Interlocking), 2 km west of Duivendrecht.

Mapping the Station and Lines
Zoomable Google Maps show station tracks, track numbers, and rail routes radiating away.

Typical Rail Services/Normal Track Assignments
Track numbers where the regular NS services normally depart the station.

1  Schiphol-Weesp
4  Weesp-Schiphol
5  Utrecht/Gouda-Amsterdam
8  Amsterdam-Utrecht/Gouda


Duivendrecht Station
Wikipedia link containing further station information and history.