Although Amsterdam is the official capital of the Netherlands, Den Haag or the Hague is where the government is actually located. Den Haag is also the capital of Zuid Holland province. For many years, Den Haag was the only major city in the Netherlands with multiple main stations. The "Den Haag HS" station was a through station on the old "Holland Spoor" (Holland Rail) line from Amsterdam Haarlem and Leiden to Rotterdam. While the "Den Haag SS" station was a stub station on the "Staatsspoor" (State Rail) line east to Gouda and Utrecht. In 1973, the SS station was replaced with a new larger stub station, Centraal Station (Den Haag CS), in the same area. And new connecting tracks were added between Den Haag CS and the HS main line, for new terminating trains. Trains between Den Haag CS and Rotterdam and points south also stop at Den Haag HS. At Den Haag HS, the main southbound platform is between Track 3 and Track 4, and the main northbound platform is between Track 5 and Track 6. Until 2006, Nederlandse Spoorwegen operated a line between Den Haag and Rotterdam Hofplein station, via Pijnacker. That line terminated at Den Haag HS, later at Den Haag CS. In 1977, the "Zoetermeer Stadslijn" (City Line) began operating from Den Haag CS east to the newly developed suburb of Zoetermeer. That line would diverge from the Rotterdam Hofplein line at Leidschenveen. In 2006, operation of those two lines were transferred to the local transit companies, which would operate them as light rail lines known as "Randstad Rail". Randstad literally means "edge city", and refers to the four largest cities in the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Den Haag, Rotterdam, Utrecht) and the region encircled by them. The Rotterdam Hofplein line was transferred to RET (Rotterdamse Elektrische Tram), which historically has operated electric trams in Rotterdam. Those trains continue to terminate at Den Haag CS, using Track 11 and Track 12. The Zoetermeer Stadslijn was transferred to HTM (Haagsche Tramweg Maatschappij), which translates into "Hague Tramway Company". A new track connection was constructed north of Den Haag CS, enabling direct light rail service between the established tram or streetcar system in Den Haag, and Zoetermeer.

Mapping the Station and Lines
Zoomable Google Maps show station tracks, track numbers, and rail routes radiating away.

Typical Rail Services/Normal Track Assignments
Track numbers where the regular NS services normally depart the station.


 1  Den Haag-Rotterdam-Dordrecht Intercity
 2  Den Haag-Rotterdam-Dordrecht Sprinter
 3  Den Haag-Rotterdam-Dordrecht Sprinter
 4  Den Haag-Gouda-Utrecht Intercity
 5  Den Haag-Gouda-Utrecht Intercity
 6  Den Haag-Gouda-Utrecht Sprinter
 7  Den Haag-Leiden-Amsterdam Sprinter
 8  Den Haag-Leiden-Amsterdam Sprinter
 9  Den Haag-Leiden-Amsterdam Intercity
10  Den Haag-Leiden-Amsterdam Intercity
11  Randstad Rail
12  Randstad Rail


2  Intercity Amsterdam-Brussel
3  Den Haag CS-Den Haag HS-Rotterdam
4  Leiden-Den Haag HS-Rotterdam
5  Rotterdam-Den Haag HS-Den Haag CS
6  Rotterdam-Den Haag HS-Leiden


Den Haag Centraal Station
Den Haag HS Station
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