The official capital and largest city in the Netherlands. Centraal Station, or Amsterdam CS, is a classic 1889 building with the same architect as Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum (National Museum), noted for its collection of Rembrandt paintings. A through station, but most trains terminate there. Typically terminating on the "a" track sections to and from the west, and the "b" track sections to and from the east. Although over the years, the number of through trains has increased. Two parallel lines proceed east and southeast of Amsterdam CS to Amsterdam Muiderpoort station, 4 km away, where the lines separate. To the north is the "Oosterspoorweg" (Eastern Railway) line to Weesp and Amersfoort and Zutphen. And to the south is the "Rhijnspoorweg" (Rhine Railway), to Utrecht Arnhem and Germany. The latter line includes a new two level station at Duivendrecht, crossing over the more recently constructed line from Weesp to Schiphol Airport. This area is covered in a separate Amsterdam Duivendrecht page. Two parallel lines originally proceeded west of Amsterdam CS to Amsterdam Sloterdijk station, 4 km away, where the lines would separate. To the south is the line to Haarlem and beyond to Rotterdam, and to the north is the line line from Den Helder and Zaandam to Amsterdam. In more recent years, with the construction with new lines to Schiphol Airport, Sloterdijk has been transformed into an elaborate two level station, covered in a separate Amsterdam Sloterdijk page.

Mapping the Station and Lines
Zoomable Google Maps show station tracks, track numbers, and rail routes radiating away.

Typical Rail Services/Normal Track Assignments
Track numbers where the regular NS services normally depart the station.

 1   Amsterdam-Haarlem-Zandvoort/Uitgeest
 2a  Amsterdam-Haarlem-Leiden-Den Haag-Rotterdam-Dordrecht
 2b  International Amsterdam-Frankfurt
 4b  Den Helder-Alkmaar-Amsterdam-Utrecht-Arnhem-Nijmegen/Eindhoven-Maastricht
 5b  Uitgeest-Zaandam-Amsterdam-Gouda-Rotterdam/Utrecht-Rhenen
 7a  Rhenen-Utrecht/Rotterdam-Gouda-Amsterdam-Zaandam-Uitgeest
 8a  Maastricht-Eindhoven/Nijmegen-Arnhem-Utrecht-Amsterdam-Alkmaar-Den Helder/Enkhuizen
10a  Vlissingen-Roosendaal-Rotterdam-Den Haag-Schiphol-Amsterdam-Lelystad
10b  Enkhuizen-Amsterdam-Amersfoort-Deventer-Hengelo-Bentheim-Hannover-Berlin
11a  Hoofddorp-Amsterdam-Amersfoort
11b  Amsterdam-Lelystad-Zwolle
13a  Lelystad-Amsterdam-Schiphol-Den Haag-Rotterdam-Roosendaal-Vlissingen
13b  Amsterdam-Almere
14a  Intercity Direct Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Breda
14b  Amersfoort-Amsterdam-Hoofddorp
15a  Intercity Amsterdam-Brussel
15b  Thalys Amsterdam-Brussel-Paris


Amsterdam Centraal Station
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