Williams Bay Branch

The spur with Metra service presently terminating at McHenry previously extended further north, to Williams Bay WI. Service on that line was cut back to Lake Geneva in 1966, Richmond in 1975, and McHenry in 1980.

Milepost locations are indicated, distance from Chicago via West Chicago.

Exact locations are not available for all stations.

MCHENRY (65.8)

Ringwood (69.5) - station was located north of Barnard Mill Rd., on the west side of the track. Stop was suspended from 1902 to 1929.

Richmond (75.6) - station was located near Front St. north of Kenosha St., on the east side of the track.

Genoa City (77.3) - station was located near Wisconsin St., southwest of the crossing with the Chicago & North Western "KD" Line, which also used the station.

Pell Lake (80.4) - added in early 1920's, station was located near Park Rd. south of Locust Rd., on the east side of the track.

Lake Geneva (85.9) - station was located at 96 North St., at Broad St., on the west side of the track.

Lake Como (90.1) - added in 1910, station was apparently located along South Shore Dr., across the street from what is now the Mars Restaurant.

Williams Bay (91.9) - station was on the north side of Geneva St., on the south side of the track.


Locations of stations, using Google Maps. Satellite views are also available.

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