An inbound Metra train at Jefferson Park, which is a station combined with a CTA rapid transit station and bus terminal. The locomotive is at the rear, pushing. The bus terminal is below and to the right. And the rapid transit is out or view, below to the left.

An outbound Metra train train at Park Ridge.

An inbound Metra train pauses at Mt. Prospect. The locomotive is at the rear, pushing.

Freight trains are infrequent on this line. But this inbound freight was seen one morning, passing through Arlington Heights on the center track.

An inbound Metra train approaches Barrington, during the morning rush hour.

A Metra train at Harvard, the most distant point on the Metra system, and a small town in an area still quite rural.

Early one morning at McHenry, the only time when railfans can make a round trip over this spur line.