View from the rear of an outbound Metra train near Root Street, on Chicago's south side. The closed Root Street tower is visible to the right, further to the right are high rise public housing buildings.

The Beverly Hills/91st St. station, as seen in 1993. Evidence was still visible of the former Pennsylvania Railroad "Panhandle Line", which had crossed the Metra line at this location.

An outbound Metra train is at the Beverly Hills/95th St. station.

An outbound Metra train is at the Beverly Hills/103rd St. station.

At Vermont St. in Blue Island, the two Metra Rock Island District lines rejoin, after having split at Gresham Jct. The Vermont St. station building and tower are at the center of the picture, with the two lines passing on opposite sides of the station. View is looking north, as an outbound main line train is seen approaching to the right. Meanwhile, a branch line train is seen to the left, after having arrived. The two lines combine at "Western Ave. Jct., behind the camera. Visible above the locomotive of the main line train, is a catenary support for the Metra Electric Blue Island Branch.

An inbound Metra train is at the Oak Forest station. Trains often run over the left hand track in this bidirectional CTC territory.

Joliet's classic old station, with a Rock Island District train visible.