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A northbound Metra train arrives at the Grayland stop on Chicago's northwest side. At the time, the train was operating on the left hand track.

An Amtrak "Hiawatha Service" train speeds past the Northbrook Metra station, on its way from Milwaukee to Chicago. The cab control car leading was converted from one of the original Metroliner electric MU cars. These Metroliner cars have since been replaced with cab control baggage cars, converted from F40PH locomotives.

Most of the freight traffic on this line is between Tower A-20 and Rondout. A lone SD60 #6053 has a northbound Soo Line freight train through Deerfield, in 1994.

A Chicago bound train is seen crossing the Elgin Joliet and Eastern line at Rondout. The tower controlling this manual interlocking is visible. View is looking south from a bridge which is part of a bicycle trail, which follows the abandoned right of way of the North Shore interurban line.

Looking north from the bicycle trail bridge, the branch to Fox Lake can be seen diverging to the left. The branch has fresh ballast, as at the time in 1994, major track work was being performed. This track work resulted in substitution of buses beyond Rondout during off peak hours, while the trains are seen stored in the sidings on either side of the double track main line to Milwaukee.

A Fox Lake bound train is seen at the Libertyville station.