The Brookdale substation, as viewed from a southbound Metra Electric train, near the beginning of the South Chicago Branch.

A southbound Metra Electric South Chicago Branch train has headed east in the median of 71st Street, and is about to turn southeast into the median of Exchange Avenue.

Moments later, the same train is stopped at the South Shore stop, in the median of Exchange Avenue.

The new 93rd Street terminal of the South Chicago Branch opened in 2001.

View from the rear of an outbound train, with a typical view of the east half of the Blue Island Branch at the Stewart Ridge station. Stewart Ridge has one of the shortest platforms, squeezed between two street crossings. Such short platforms is one reason why when new cars were ordered in the 1970's, a bilevel design was selected.

View from the rear of an outbound train on the Blue Island Branch. Laflin Avenue substation is pictured and is a typical substation on the Metra Electric system.

The Blue Island Branch ends at Vermont Street, next to Metra's Rock Island District. The tracks and signal in the foreground are of the Rock Island District, as a Metra Electric train is seen leaving for downtown Chicago. The Metra Electric station is entered through the building to the right. The building has since been demolished, to be replaced with a new station building.