Public transportation in Milwaukee in 1953, the year the system was sold to The Milwaukee & Suburban Transport Corporation. Streetcar routes are orange, trolleybus routes are blue, and motor bus routes are brown. By then, most streetcar routes had been eliminated in favor of trolleybuses and motor buses. Within the following two years, the Oakland-Delaware, and the Vliet and National routes would be converted to trolleybuses, and the 27th St. route replaced with motor buses. And the Howell route was replaced with motor buses in 1956, and elimination of streetcars was finished with the Wells route in 1958. Trolleybuses remained in use until 1965.

Trackage of the Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee Railroad is shown in green. Local streetcar service was provided on 6th Street until 1951. Thicker line indicates private interurban right of way, mostly on an embankment. By then, all other interurban lines had been abandoned.

Route numbers are shown in parentheses, with most route numbers still in use by today's bus routes.