Europe/2018 - my first overseas trip in 40 years, this trip lasted a week and a half. In London, with a quick round trip by train to Scotland. Then the Eurostar train to Brussels, and the Thalys train to the Netherlands for the final few days.

In more recent years, other than the Europe trip, I have not written true "articles" for trips which I have taken. But with the availability of digital photography and no need to incur the costs of film and processing, it has been practical for me to take more photos. I generally would post the photos on Facebook (as William Vandervoort), as public postings. These trips were for various reasons, where the train happened to be the conveyance I used for these trips.

In 2016 and 2017, I made three trips to the east coast. I have twin cousins who got married, which were the reasons for these trips. The cousins were originally from Richmond VA.

June, 2016. For an engagement party in Richmond for both cousins, I rode east on Amtrak's Cardinal, and returned to Chicago on Amtrak's Capitol Limited.

August, 2016. One cousin got married in Wareham MA, 50 miles south of Boston. I flew to Boston, and had some time there before riding a special MBTA weekend commuter train to Wareham. After the wedding I got a ride to Danbury CT, where I connected with Metro North and had some time in New York City. Before flying back to Chicago from Newark.

October, 2017. The other cousin got married in Richmond. I flew to Baltimore, and had some time in the Baltimore and Washington area before riding Amtrak to Richmond. And after leaving Richmond, I worked my way via Amtrak and commuter trains through Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York before flying back to Chicago from Newark.


I wrote some articles on various trips which I took between 1978 and 1984, for various publications. Photos are included, unfortunately not the best selection, because nobody knew then that the Web would be available for me to share these photos here.

Europe/1978 - five weeks, no overnight rail travel, 8300 miles, eleven countries.

Netherlands/1978 - expanded coverage of travels in the Netherlands, which were two of the five weeks of the above trip.

Northeast Corridor Commuter/1978 - Philadelphia and New York areas.

Via Rail Canada Corridor/1982 - one week to Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec City.

Amtrak Northwest/1983 - one and a half weeks to Portland and Seattle.

Amtrak Southwest/1984 - two weeks to Texas and California.


Photos are included.

Southern Railway Steam Excursion/1979 - a steam excursion trip from Knoxville TN to Asheville NC, behind Canadian Pacific "Royal Hudson" locomotive #2839.

Southern Railway Steam Excursion/1980 - a steam excursion trip from Knoxville to Oneida TN, behind Canadian Pacific "Royal Hudson" locomotive #2839.

Santa Fe #2903 Move/1995 - a day by day report, on the moving of a Santa Fe 4-8-4 steam locomotive, through city streets from Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry, for shipment to the Illinois Railway Museum.

Union Pacific E9 Excursion/1995 - an excursion trip to Clinton, Iowa, on a 1950's diesel streamliner.

A Day In New York/1997 - a 24 hour stopover in New York City, on a trip between Chicago and the East Coast.

Canada/2006 Photos - photos of streetcars and buses during a trip to Toronto, Windsor, and Niagara Falls.

CN Matteson Connection/Construction - photos from 2011, where an impressive new "double wye" connection was being constructed in Matteson, to connect the former Illinois Central with the former Elgin Joliet & Eastern.

Western Kenosha County Transit - trip report from 2011, from a little known transit system extending from Kenosha to Lake Geneva.

Exploring The PRR Hammond Branch - searching in 2011 for evidence of a former Pennsylvania Railroad branch, which existed between Chicago's Hegewisch neighborhood, and Hammond IN.

CN Matteson Connection/Completion - photos from 2012, where an impressive new "double wye" connection had recently been completed in Matteson, to connect the former Illinois Central with the former Elgin Joliet & Eastern.

Diesels Rescue The South Shore Line - photos show diesel locomotives rescuing a South Shore Line train in August 2012, after wire problems had resulted in a service disruption.

New Torrence Bridge On South Shore Line - in August 2012, a new prefabricated truss bridge was installed for the South Shore Line over Torrence Ave., on Chicago's far southeast side. Photos show the new bridge, although actual connection of the trackage to use the bridge would be later.