In the Netherlands and in every other European country, passenger trains were never neglected the way they have been in the United States. The following Web sites will give one an appreciation of the way passenger transportation should be.

Nederlandse Spoorwegen/Netherlands Railways - official Web site, includes computer generated itinerary planning. In Dutch, with English also available.

NS - The Dutch Railways - railfan Web site, in English.

Sporenplan Online - track diagrams of the Netherlands Railways and certain other European railways. In Dutch, with English also available.

GVB-Amsterdam - official Web site of the transit system in the largest city in the Netherlands, where streetcars remain common. In Dutch, with English also available.

Connexxion - Local and interurban bus system operating throughout much of the Netherlands, having consolidated the NZH and several other bus systems. In Dutch.

9292 - Referring to the "900" telephone number for public transportation information throughout the Netherlands, this is one of the earliest computer generated itinerary planning systems in the world, with schedule data for all trains and buses throughout the country. In Dutch.

The European Railway Server - this Web site serves as an excellent starting point for information on European railways, with links to official railway Web sites and unofficial railfan Web sites. In English.

Railways Through Europe/Maps - overview maps of the railways in each European country. Including single and double track lines, and electrification voltages.

Deutsche Bahn/German Railway - official Web site, includes computer generated itinerary planning for trains and buses throughout Germany. In German.

National Rail/Britain - official information and links for trains in Britain's national railway system, which has been privatised.

Transport For London - official Web site.

London Bus Routes - unofficial site with information of interest to bus enthusiasts.

Clive's Underground Line Guides - unofficial site includes historical and operational details of the London Underground.