The Chicago and West Towns Railway Co. had five main streetcar routes, shown on this map. Additional trackage is shown in black. The last streetcars were replaced with buses in 1948, and bus service over nearly all of those routes are presently part of the Pace West Division. Numbers indicated were used by the West Towns Bus Co. Routes were assigned new numbers in 1976 by the RTA (now Pace), which are 300 higher than the West Towns numbers.

2 - Berwyn (Pace 302) - operated between Cicero and Lyons, converted to buses 1941. Shown in green.

4 - La Grange (Pace 304) - operated between Cicero and La Grange, converted to buses 1948. Shown in orange.

5 - Chicago Avenue (Pace 305) - operated through Oak Park, River Forest. Forest Park, Berwyn, Cicero, converted to buses 1940. Shown in red.

9 - Lake Street (Pace 309) - operated between Oak Park and Melrose Park, converted to buses 1947. Shown in blue.

10 - Madison Street (Pace 310/303/320) - operated between Oak Park and Maywood, converted to buses 1947. Shown in purple.